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Were the Keane name tags meant to confuse?


“I cannot give a reasonable explanation as to why the only name tags located on the items displayed (were) the same or a similar name. Were they originally part of a deceased estate or were they meant to confuse?” Feltus.

Let’s go with the ‘meant to confuse.’

Feltus was clear on two aspects of the case. He believed the gent who told him he saw a man being carried along the beach on the night of the 30th and he wrote and I quote that the matches ‘were later established’ to be ‘with’ the body, together with a singlet, jockeys and socks, tickets etc. (see following table)

Table 1 – Items later established to be with the deceased.

1 handkerchief.

1 pair (Jockey) underpants.

I singlet.

1 train ticket.

1 bus ticket.

1 part pack Juicy Fruit gum.

2 combs.

1 qtr-full box of B&M matches.

1 Army Club cigarette pack, containing ..

7 Kensitas cigarettes.

In other words, if you believe what was ‘later established’ comprised those articles not actually visible to PC Moss as he observed the body in situ, like his jockeys and singlet and the items in his pockets, which is entirely probable, then it follows that SM must have kept his matches hidden from view as well, but considering he had a half-smoked durry sitting on his collar, it doesn’t seem likely he had it in mind to hide the matches in his underwear in the moments before expiring, therefore denying PC Moss the opportunity of finding them as he did everything else as listed on Table 1… 

So, if the the party who’s objective was meant to confuse (Feltus) took the view that the absence of matches might add unwanted confusion*, then it follows they had to lessen this subsidiary confusion in order to strengthen their primary objective, which was to add confusion.

I’m sure there is a definition that covers this contradiction of terms as I don’t think dichotomy covers it.

Fortune and misfortune.

Then we have the Freeman Rubaiyat which was only handed in after the inquest, unfortunately. The six month delay caused by DS Leane’s unfortunate lapse with regard to getting out the information about the TS slip. He had the thing for 51 days before letting the press know. Which was unfortunate as the eventual publication had immediate success, fortunately, though too late to effect the coroner’s findings, unfortunately, but saving Ms Harkness the ordeal of being depositioned, which in her case was extremely fortunate.

*or clarity

There are two things about this case we will probably never know: who he was and the meaning of the code. This means the only way forward is by incremental means, one of which is by trying to find signs showing the police were in some way responsible for hiding his identity and purpose.

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  1. пожалуйста #

    I’m a bit confused by the turn of phrase “with the body” too. Particularly with regard to the items of underwear: jockeys, singlet and socks.

    Given that these items are listed as “with the body”, not “on the body” and are (here, at least) listed separately to the clothing, is there a suggestion here that our man Keane had some spares with him?

    December 21, 2020
    • пожалуйста #

      I see. Here in Yekaterinburg is often difficult to interpret Australian police language.

      And of course ‘nomenklatura’ is very different thing here.

      December 21, 2020
  2. Bro #

    perhaps “meant to confuse” should be “meant to deceive”…..

    If anyone asked (and even if they didn’t) I have a bit of a problme with Keane vs Kean.
    Struggling to find an explanation for that if he really was Kean or Keane. Also struggling to find an explanation if he wasn’t.

    December 22, 2020

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