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Whose name was written on the back cover of the Rubaiyat?

A lot of commentators buy into this mystery without having read a copy of Gerry Feltus’ The Unknown Man, yet this handicap doesn’t deter them. Some feel no need to read his book as they think Derek Abbott, the various blogs, UoA and Wikipedia have everything covered.

This may not be so.

Feltus isn’t the most articulate of writers and there was a time when he became so annoyed with my many emailed questions he suggested he might have to write the book again for the sake of clarity.

His book has its hidden treasures.

Gerry Feltus knows more about this mystery than we ever will. But that doesn’t mean he’s about to give anything away.


“I cannot give a reasonable explanation as to why the only name tags located on the items displayed the same or a similar name. Were they originally part of a deceased estate or were they meant to confuse?”

Who meant them to confuse?

The Somerton Man?

.. or is Feltus intimating the three tagged items were planted in order to confuse the police investigation?

“It was suggested that the (laundry) numbers were similar to those used in the UK. Does this suggest that after the trousers were purchased in Australia they were cleaned somewhere in the UK, and later returned to Australia?”

Some hold the view that the man responsible for Harkness’ pregnancy in October 1946 was the same man found dead near her home in 1948. If that was the case, perhaps he spent the interim in the UK and her first view of him since ’46 was when she saw his bust. Hence her reaction.

Feltus uses the term ‘reliable sources’ many times in his book and I can only assume they were fellow police officers who had gained his trust whilst he was running the investigation into the Somerton Man cold case. Fellow officers with first hand knowledge.

One of these reliable sources told Feltus that there was a name written on the rear of the Rubaiyat.

P 172.

“Another reliable source has stated that there was a name on the rear of the Rubaiyat. Some evidence tends to support this.”

A name.

Evidence to support.

Then silence.

What name?

What evidence?

And why the silence?

There are two things about this case we will probably never know: who he was and the meaning of the code. This means the only way forward is by incremental means, one of which is by trying to find signs showing the police were in some way responsible for hiding his identity and purpose.

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  1. Bro #

    Not the point of your post, but you mention the laundry marks…..
    bottom to top they seem to be 3 digit reference plus a date.

    #305 3/1
    #439 3/3
    #117 1/7

    Obviously started a new book somewhere in between (presumably not at EOFY if we’re already up to 117).

    134 customers in 2 months
    178 customers in 4 months

    Would that be a realistic load, or would we expect far more customers in that time frame?

    December 22, 2020
    • Bro #

      NB: I assumed a book of 500 receipts…..maybe it was 600

      December 22, 2020
  2. Byron Deveson #

    there was a lot of talk regarding the laundry marks way back. Reddit a few years ago was probably where the last substantial conversations can be found. From memory, the initial inquiry (c1949) found that the laundry marks were similar (but not identical?) to those used in a Melbourne laundry. I found some identical (?) marks associated with a USA espionage (? my memory may be wrong on this point) case in the late 1940s or early 1950s. A Californian laundry.

    December 23, 2020
  3. Clive #

    If the American system of using the month, then day sequence, then # 117 could be Jan 7, #305 could be 1 March & #439 could be 3 March? Just a suggestion.

    December 23, 2020

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