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Was the suitcase found at the luggage office by DS Leane locked or unlocked?


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  1. Remembering that Leane opened it somehow … and he didn’t have a key.

    December 18, 2020
    • пожалуйста #

      I’d expect there’d be at least one talented lock picker in a station full of coppers.

      We’re talking a suitcase lock, not a safe. They tend to give up when they see you coming.

      December 18, 2020
      • Fair enough, so why would someone relieve the body of his suitcase key knowing it would be too risky to use it to gain access to the contents?

        December 18, 2020
        • пожалуйста #

          You’re assuming two things:

          a) that the suitcase was locked in the first place. But as far as I know there’s no evidence to suggest it was.

          b) that the body was specifically and intentionally relieved of the missing suitcase key (if there was one) by a third party. The key might have been in his wallet, for example, which could have been removed by such a third party as part of a theft for monetary gain. Or it could have been disposed of by SM himself as part of an effort to rid himself of personal effects by which he might be identified.

          December 18, 2020
          • Well, I’m assuming one thing … I might be wrong but I’m reasonably sure that you, Boris would know your way around international airports as well as I do and that being the case I doubt you would allow baggage handlers the degree of trust some would allow the man who was rostered on at the Adelaide Train Station luggage office the day our man lodged his ‘near new’ suitcase for his care if indeed he handed it over unlocked.

            And why would SM have disposed of any personal effects, including the key to his suitcase when there was nothing within its well plumbed cavity that identified him?
            Unless of course you are convinced his name was Keane, with a T.

            December 18, 2020
            • пожалуйста #

              He’s a Keane with a T all right. He emptied his pockets and sat down to die. And he didn’t fly into Adelaide. He hadn’t been in the air for a while. Except maybe in a grand jeté.

              Trousers, matches, a suitcase key… sideshows.

              Do we know, anecdotally or otherwise, how common it would be to leave a suitcase unlocked in 1948? It doesn’t seem to have been thought uncommon to leave a car unlocked and accessible for the disposal of reading matter. Different times.

              December 18, 2020
  2. Now you’re the one making grand assumptions. Did you ever think, Boris, that the police may have had a hand in keeping this fellow’s identity a secret? What might be a collection of sideshows an indication of their efforts to that end?

    December 19, 2020
    • пожалуйста #

      Yes, dude, that had to occurred to me – not least because Jess herself appears to have intimated a cover up.

      And I absolutely think there’s every chance the police are withholding information.

      The parallel here is the Peter Bergman case, where one does rather suspect the Gardai are being economical at least with the detail of the verité. In his case, for the protection of the innocent, I think.

      Who’s to say it’s not the same for our man Keane? If there’s no crime, there would be no need to investigate. What does Australian law say in this regard? The inquests did not ascertain a crime had been committed, as I interpret it. Nor did they definitively rule it out. In this strange middle ground, is it incumbent upon the police to investigate further?

      December 19, 2020
  3. Clive #

    And what would it take for the police to have a white tie, laundry bag & singlet marked as “Kean(e)”, throw in a button and thread, matching the same on the SM’s trousers? No one seems to have seen any photos of the laundry bag and the singlet-which is suspect..

    December 20, 2020
  4. Clive #

    “Newcastle Morning Herald & Miners Herald 16 Feb 1949 P1 reports that ‘T.Keane’ name was sewn onto the tie. “The Daily Telegraph (NSW)” 16 Feb 1949 P12 reports that ‘T.Keane’ was in marking ink on the tie.

    December 20, 2020
  5. пожалуйста #

    Given that Nurse Thomson’s phone number was in the book, it would be reasonable to suppose that her name was too.

    But if the police were happy to publicise the existence of the number along with confirmation that they had spoken to the nurse, why would they not acknowledge that her name was in the book too?

    Given that T. Keane’s name was in the suitcase, it would be reasonable to suppose that it might have been in the book too.

    But if they were happy to provide pictures of and references to the ‘T. Keane’ script on the tie etc., why would they not acknowledge that his name was in the book too?

    So, if a name was found in the book, must we assume it is that of a third party?

    They found the nurse. They’ll have found the mystery third party.

    Quite the rogues’ gallery of withheld names: the nurse, the chemist, the…?

    December 20, 2020
  6. Bro #

    Don’t trust the content of his pockets. They’ve either been rifled or planted (or both)
    Since the Corby stuff we don’t trust baggage handlers. That doesn’t mean squat about railways in 1940s

    Although now that you mention it…..where were any keys? Presumably he lived somewhere, right? Why doesn’t he have a house key? Even if he’s visiting Adelaide, would it be normal to leave his key with a friend before leaving?

    December 22, 2020

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