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The one thing every theory has in common

But first, a few close-ups showing the pooling of ink on an image of the code – this inking up wasn’t done on the book itself as you can see, but on what looks like a photo taken of the original faint pencilling.

According to Feltus, this work was performed by the SA Police prior to them sending it on to the Naval Intelligence Office with a request they have a shot at making sense of the code. Unfortunately they were unsuccessful. As has been everyone else who took on the job.

MD Bevan’s theory is of a ménage-a-trois between Boxall, Harkness and SM and the code was written by Alf Boxall (AB), as handsomely evidenced by the flourish on his sign-off.

Let’s stick with Bevo part of the way and say you’ve got a fellow on his way to Adelaide with a little time on his hands. The only reading he has is a copy of the Rubaiyat and the only thing on his mind is meeting up with the lovely he was introduced to at the Clifton Gardens during a night on the turps with everybody’s best mate Alf B who was home on leave from the South West Pacific and ready for some serious party-time. Everyone had the giggles that night.

October 1946. The war a memory, everybody happy and the nights were for singing, drinking and dancing.

Our man remembers a couple of songs in particular, well, almost, it was a big night. Perhaps, he thinks as the train rattles over the SA Vic border, if I write down the first letter from couple of the lines it might jog the old memory. What else is there to do?

And it wouldn’t do to get all the way down to Adelaide and not be able to croon a few of our favourite songs into one of her her shell pinks, would it?


Try these … who knows, you might get lucky and we’ll all be famous

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