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What don’t we know about the Somerton Man Case?

Let me count the ways.

Nobody knows who T Keane was or what he was.

Nobody knows if he arrived by train on November 30th because no train tickets were found either on his body or in his suitcase.

Nobody knows if he arrived in Adelaide on November 30.

Nobody knows how he arrived in Adelaide.

Nobody knows why the police didn’t check airport arrivals.

Nobody knows if he was the one who checked his suitcase because nobody remembered a man of his description doing so.

Nobody knows what the tools were used for. Except for the dude, who will not be convinced otherwise, ever.

Nobody knows what the black powder shaken from his particle brush was .. except for the dude, again. It was graphite, right?

Nobody knows why he had such queerly shaped feet.

Nobody knows why he had six pencils in his luggage.

Nobody knows why he had so many large, unused envelopes in his luggage. Them and as well no writing paper or pen.

Nobody knows why his (almost new) suitcase was found unlocked.

Nobody knows if anyone had been through his belongings prior to his suitcase being checked.

Nobody knows why he had no matches on him, despite being a heavy smoker.

Nobody knows if he was the man who bought a ticket to Henley Beach because nobody remembered a man of his description doing so.

Nobody knows if he was the man who bought a ticket to St. Leonards because nobody remembered a man of his description doing so.

Nobody knows why these two tickets were left on his body when everything else that might assist the investigation was removed.

Nobody knows how he got to Somerton Beach on the evening of November 30 because nobody came forward to say they saw him staggering along the Esplanade.

Nobody knows if he was drunk because nobody came forward to say they saw him so. And aren’t drunks supposed to fall down stairs?

Nobody knows if the police checked the local hotels, maybe because it might have taken too long, what with the publicans insisting they take a little snort before leaving no problems boys the drinks are on me.

Nobody knows if he was lying by the steps outside the Children’s Home prior to 7 pm because nobody came forward to say they saw him.

Nobody knows if he was lying by the steps outside the Children’s Home after to 8:30 pm because nobody came forward to say they saw him.

Nobody knows who the bloke was who was looking down on him for five minutes either. And doesn’t that sound like something out of a Hitchcock movie ..

Nobody knows if Harkness’ shock at seeing his bust was because he was an old acquaintance.

Nobody knows if Harkness’ shock at seeing his bust was because he was a recent acquaintance.

Nobody knows if Harkness’ shock at seeing his bust was because he looked a little like a shortened version of Gregory Peck.

Image by virtual reality specialist Daniel Voshart,

Nobody knows why she refused to answer any questions at the museum when she had no problem giving Det Canney a boatload of information when he knocked on her front door earlier. Maybe he looked like Gregory Peck.

Nobody knows why she was accompanied by several detectives to view the bust at the museum.

Nobody knows why the police didn’t just show her a bloody photo and save the overtime. I mean, really?

Nobody knows who tossed the Rubaiyat into the back of Chemist Freeman’s car. And who leaves their car window open in a main street near the beach in summer anyway?

Nobody knows why the Rubaiyat was tossed into the back of Chemist Freeman’s car. What, it was the only one parked there?

Nobody knows who wrote the telephone number X3239 on the back of the Rubaiyat. And how hard is it to remember a 1 alpha 4 digit phone number?

Nobody knows why nobody could figure out where Tamam Shud came from when the Rubaiyat was being given away with orders of groceries and any petrol purchases over 2/-.

Nobody knows if someone was attempting to connect Harkness to the man’s death.

Nobody knows why anybody would attempt to connect Harkness to the man’s death.

Nobody knows if in fact Harkness was connected to the man’s death.

Nobody knows where the veggie pasty came from so late at night.

Nobody knows why veggie. What was he, vegan?

Nobody knows why Lyons said the smoke found under his chin hadn’t been smoked when Moss said it had. And a copper is never wrong, right?

Nobody knows how a bloke as built as he was could do it with about six back teeth and no false choppers. Prime Wagyu wasn’t on the menu back in the day.

Nobody knows if the pasty contained an untraceable poison.

Nobody knows if any untraceable poison was in Harkness’ medicine cabinet.

Nobody knows if Prosper had ever used digitalin – an untraceable poison – for his haemoptysis condition.

Nobody knows where Prosper Thomson was on 30 November.

Nobody knows what the Rubaiyat code represents.

Nobody knows who wrote the Rubaiyat code.

Nobody knows where Harkness was on November 30.

Nobody knows if he visited her on November 30.

Nobody knows where he died.

Nobody knows why he died.

Nobody knows what killed him.

Nobody knows if he was robbed of his possessions while lying on the beach.

Nobody knows if he was stripped of his possessions before being dumped on the beach.

Nobody knows why he was found dead so close to Harkness’ residence.

Nobody knows the man who was seen carrying a man along the Somerton Beach foreshore on the night of November 30.

Nobody knows if the man being carried was the Somerton Man.

Nobody knows why the man was being carried.

Nobody knows where the man was being carried to.

Nobody knows where the man was being carried from.

Nobody knows who was the father of Harkness’ son, Robin.

Nobody knows if Boxall knew him. Primarily because Littlemore didn’t bloody ask .. !! He could at least have shown Alf a bloody photo, you think?

Stuart Littlemore QC, aka Dill.

Nobody knows if Jestyn was Harkness’ nickname.

Nobody has proof that Jestyn was ever used as Harkness’ nickname.

Nobody knows why Boxall covered up the Jestyn signature on the copy of the Rubaiyat Harkness she said she gave him.

Nobody knows the true nature of the relationship between Harkness and Boxall.

… and nobody knows why there wasn’t a pair of spare BLOODY socks in his suitcase .. !!


Answer that lot and you’ve got it sorted.

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  1. MDBevan #

    We DO know who wrote the code. He signed it: AB

    Given the characters in play, Alf Boxall would be my guess.

    October 4, 2020
    • What? He signed it four times?

      October 4, 2020
      • MDBevan #

        Nope, just the last one. All the other letters are printed. The last two were signed. Hence the uptick in the bottom of the second line of the ‘A’, the more aggressive cross stroke in the ‘A’, the darker second (curved) line of the ‘B’ – especially the point of contact between the two curves, the finishing underscore tail of the ‘B’, and the overall slant of those two letters is different than the rest of the letters which are simply printed in a normal manner. These two letters are stylized the way one would sign for a delivery.

        October 4, 2020
      • MDBevan #

        Also, the final ‘B’ is different from the first four B’s, which are all written the same way.

        October 4, 2020
  2. MDBevan #

    Same goes for the A’s.

    October 4, 2020
    • Ok, one down … next?

      October 4, 2020
      • MDBevan #

        About the code? Or something else?

        October 4, 2020
        • MDBevan #

          So, assuming that Alf Boxall wrote the code, who was it’s intended recipient?
          No idea… yet.

          That’s why I’m mostly interested in the timeline. If I could walk the path from Jessica’s to the beach, I might be able to find some more clues (and I suspect that there might be)… but I have no plans to visit Adelaide in the near future.

          October 4, 2020
      • MDBevan #

        Because I have a partial theory about the socks…

        October 4, 2020
        • Give us everything you got, Bevo, go nuts. But no conspiracy theories, your rules.

          October 4, 2020
          • MDBevan #

            Specifically about the code:

            it’s author was not looking at the page when they were writing the letters, except for his initials.

            This would explain the inconsistencies of: the letters’ size, tilt, style, spacing, and alignment; as well as the slant of the rows.

            I believe that his dominant hand was writing the code, while his other hand was holding a book, or key, etc., which is where his eyes were focused. After he was done, he looked at the paper and signed it.

            If you look at the first four B’s and separate the downstroke from the curved part, they are all the same. But these two elements are inconsistently joined. Again… not looking.

            The letters at the end of the first row, the sixth and last of the third rows are: D,P,D
            Why? Because the rounded leg of the two D’s is written as a single arc. The P is identifiable by the upward curve at the end of the arc. The second D looks more like a P? Separate the two lines that form the letter, add a dash ‘not looking at the page, and you’ve got a D… whereas the same approach validates the P listed above.

            October 4, 2020
        • MDBevan #

          The only conspiracy I’m interested in is the ménage-a-trois between Alf, Jessica, and SM leading to the latter’s death. I believe that whatever happened that night, and the code both have clues would that help solve the other.

          October 4, 2020
        • MDBevan #

          Also, from the code…

          The second line is NOT crossed out. 100% positive; and the small X above the O has absolutely nothing to do with the O, nor do the lines above the fourth line. Why do I believe this? Simple… with the exception of the X, look at the code with the letters removed. What do you see? A completely separate drawing either under or on top the letters.

          What is this second drawing showing? I don’t know for certain, but I think that it might be a map of sorts…(?) with the X indicating a location at the end of a boulevard…(?) Random speculation of course.

          October 4, 2020
        • MDBevan #

          Also, the lines:
          are the key to solving this puzzle, as the first four letters match, we know the repetition period. This is where context comes in… more on that later.

          As for the M/W issue, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

          October 4, 2020
  3. Bevo ..

    a couple of years ago I attempted to join a website whose aim in life is to translate a 14th century book called the Voynich Manuscript. So I did some research on the immigration of various sub-continental tribes from southern India to eastern Europe and beyond, some to the north-west, others to the west. I searched websites that concerned themselves with old manuscripts and even engaged a couple of students in Bombay to assist me in sourcing material from various universities. I bought books written about the early Romany tribes and their means of communication … then I hit the site, thinking what I had was new and would upend everything.
    It didn’t.
    My news was old news.
    But they were ok about it, not wishing me or my investigations any harm. But I knew I was way out of my shallow depth so I desisted, knowing I was so far behind there was no catching up.
    What I’m trying to say, Bevo, old mate, is that by all means pursue your path with the Somerton Man case, though it might be best to use another place for you to record your work-in-progress. I used a spreadsheet for mine.

    I’m not sure if Gerry Feltus’s book is still available, which is a real shame because it is the essential reference.

    I don’t want to dissuade you from your task. Who knows, you might find something we have missed.

    I do have one question for you: have you sourced the NAA files where you can see a copy of Boxall’s handwriting? It might assist you in your attempts at graphology.
    You should also note that the code you are examining so closely is in fact an inked overmark on a photo of what DS Leane observed as ‘ faint pencilled markings’

    A note of caution: if you ever come across posts on the Somerton Body case by an individual who calls himself John Sanders, best not to take them seriously. The man is a renowned disseminator of untruths and his misinformation infects some websites like a virus, particularly in the Cipher Mysteries site, which, unfortunately, is left almost ungoverned these days.

    When you have a fuller narrative I’ll only be too happy to put it up.

    All the best

    October 4, 2020
  4. пожалуйста #

    Bevan – I like the theory about the script. I think that’s an under-explored aspect. But do bear in mind Pete’s caveats. The whole “what are we looking at here?” (a tracing, done with relatively liquid ink on some non-absorbent or hard material, resulting in ink-pooling on strokes, etc.) has led to discussion that’s now buried in the annals of this site and ciphermysteries. It’s also made some theories (especially micro-writing in the letters) seem very far-fetched.

    If the final flourish is a signature, you’d have to ask yourself what kind of text would warrant signing? It’s less likely to be a secret message, I’d suggest. So what do the letters stand for?

    Perhaps there’s something in Boxall’s biography (also under-explored?) that could give a clue.

    October 6, 2020
  5. пожалуйста #

    I’d add:

    Nobody knows Alf Boxall’s political allegiance.

    There’s an assumption abroad – a dangerous one from my vantage point here in Yekaterinburg – that Boxall was a staunchly loyal, salt of the earth, Empire-loving sort. One of Australia’s finest, if you will.

    If he was involved in any sort of espionage, it would be counter-espionage. Our plucky Alf keeping the Reds at bay by passing chickenfeed or dezinformatsiya to the naive young waif Jess. Or running her as a conscious agent like the most cunning fox in Canberra Centre.

    But what if it wasn’t chickenfeed? What if he was passing on the crown jewels all along? What if he was an Esterhazy (unconscious) – or even a Haydon (conscious) – all along?

    I cast no aspersions. I’m just struck by the preconceptions that are applied to the situation.

    October 6, 2020
    • Well, he was a Pom … and we all know what a dodgy lot they were with regard to servicing the enemy with His Majesty’s Most Secret .. This would not be news to anyone in Yekaterinburger.
      However, where might Comrade Boxall find any worthwhile information?

      October 6, 2020
      • пожалуйста #

        Define “worthwhile”.

        Shipping, atom tests, Circus tittle-tattle…

        He needn’t be a Philby, just a humble Joe doing his bit for the cause.

        October 6, 2020
        • Well, Comrade Boxall served with the Nackeroos in the Northern Territory, then spent some time with the Aus Water Company in Sydney before getting an Engineer’s berth on the Crusader, which was used as a transport vessel, heavy lifting, that sort of thing. But you probably know all this .. so as far as him getting inside information that might benefit the Russians, your guess should be better than mine, seeing you put up the proposition …

          October 6, 2020
          • Earth to Boris ….. ?

            October 7, 2020
            • пожалуйста #

              So where in all his travels and travails across god’s own country and on the high seas did he do his self-acknowledged ‘intelligence’ work?

              October 8, 2020
              • Perhaps he had access to the Italian POW’s housed at Obelisk Beach in 1945, and being an engineer he may have found access to ship’s logs as they entered and left the harbour.
                Any materials headed to SA for the weapons development program would have been of interest, not to mention any personnel aboard accompanying them.

                October 8, 2020

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