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What is the explanation for all the Somerton case’s failings ?

According to GF, Cleland took possession of all the clothing and contents of the suitcase shortly after DS Leane collected the suitcase from the Railway Station on January 19th, yet he didn’t produce a result until April 19th when he told Leane he had found the TS Slip.

Three months?

This infers that Cleland had possession of all the clothing for the entire three months it took him to find the slip, which, in turn, could only mean the investigation had to continue without most of the evidence until two months before the inquest

In addition, the newspapers didn’t get specific news of this crucial evidence for yet another two months until June 9th, a little over a week before the inquest.

This was the evidence that triggered Chemist Freeman’s memory of his brother-in-law finding the matching Rubaiyat in Freeman’s car some six months previously. This memory prompted by a newspaper report on the 22nd of July, a month after the inquest was adjourned.


Nobody in any official capacity took due notice of Gordon Strapp’s deposition with regard to the different clothing being worn by the man he was watching in the evening compared to that being worn by the deceased the following morning.


Nobody in any official capacity took due notice of PC John Moss’ deposition being in direct contradiction to the deposition submitted by DS Leane in which he stated that a box of matches was found on the body.

Moss’ no matches deposition calling into doubt that the dead man had the capacity to light the cigarette found wedged under his chin and Leane’s deposition dispelling that doubt and circumventing any suggestions that the deceased had been carried to where he was found, already dead.


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