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Chemist Freeman’s story

In the light of Paul Lawson’s admission.

There is no doubting Detective Sergeant Leane’s word in that he received the Rubaiyat on July 22nd from a man who wished to remain anonymous.*

And doubts about the whereabouts of the Rubaiyat in the near eight months the man said it resided forgotten in his glovebox can now be put to rest in the knowledge that others had it in their possession and were able to delay the deluge of public interest

As it happened.

On the 22nd and 23rd of July 1949; the Perth Mirror, Melbourne Herald, Adelaide Mail, Adelaide Advertiser, Border Watch (Mt Gambier), Adelaide News, Sydney Daily Telegraph and Brisbane Telegraph all reported on the finding of a Rubaiyat that would lead the police investigation to Jessica Harkness’ door, and no further.


* “I have established that the person who owned the car in which the relevant copy of the Rubaiyat was located and his wife are both deceased. Their next of kin have recently given me permission to release identities and details relevant to the ‘Unknown Man’ investigation. John Freeman, in December, 1948, was a Chemist, and resided with his wife in premises attached to their Chemist shop, at 24A Jetty Road, Glenelg. Their family car, a small Hillman Minx was more often than not parked in Jetty Road, outside their shop/residence.

Although I am aware of a couple of Doubting Thomas’s I will stand by all the information I have printed in my book ‘The Unknown man’ (refer Chapter 11 – pages 104 and 105). I will assess and later supply further relevant details gained as a result of my contacts and conversations with John Freeman.”

Gerry Feltus 7 Oct 2018

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