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The intelligence implications are impossible to ignore.

In the light of Paul Lawson’s admission.

For Detective Brown to have known what answers Jessica would give Detective Canney can only mean she was interviewed by someone other than the police well before the news of her connection to the Somerton Body Case was published.

The intelligence implications are impossible to ignore.

On that basis: that there existed a relationship between Jessica and an intelligence agency, the information she gave Detective Canney may have been prepared by them to protect it.

“Canney hoped that the plausible explanation she offered would provide the identity of the Unknown Man.” Feltus.

It did the job.

Boxall’s trail proved false and the police left her alone.

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  1. Byron Deveson #

    The following was abstracted from the genealogy site.

    ” …… Robert Victor Hemblys-Scales
    • 19xx-1939 : Heath Grammar School
    • 1939-19xx : Christ’s College, Cambridge – honours in Classics and Philosophy
    • 1943 oct 29 : staff officer of the Intelligence Corps – serving for the invasion of N.W. Europe
    • 1943 : staff member Field Marshal Montgomery with the Third U.S. Army
    • 1945 : participating in investigation Dr. Allah Nunn MAY.
    • 1947 : reporter on Soviet espionage with Michael SERPELL of Henri ROBINSON after his arrest in 1942 Paris by the Gestapo
    • 1948 : advisor on the creation of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation after reports of a KGB-agent infiltration in the Australian government.
    1949 February 19 : Canberra – marriage with Tania Virginia TEPPEMA
    • 1949 : posting to Ismailia in the Suez Canal Zone
    • 1950 : transfer from MI5 to MI6
    • 1951 : appointment to Singapore
    • 1952 : appointment to Bangkok – visiting Japan
    • 1955 : visit Malaysia – involved in preparations for the SEATO-conference in Bangkok
    • 1955 : return to London
    • 1955-1959 : British Vice-Consul in Munich – Germany
    • 1961 : Lima – Consul to the Republic of Peru
    • 1965 : out of the British Foreign Service – due to health problems?
    • 1965 : moving to Buenos Aires – business difficulties & financial loss
    • 2003 : living in Rio de Janeiro

    MI5 Station Chief in Canberra Australia at the time that an unidentified body was found upon a beach in Somerton South Australia on the morning of the 1/12/1948, known as the Somerton Man mystery. Some have speculated that corpse might’ve been of a spy, due to a code found in a copy of Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám that has a the words Taman Shud torn from it that is supposedly a match to the scrap of paper with Taman Shud written upon it found in the dead man’s trousers. If the Somerton Man mystery is espionage related, then Robert Victor Hemblys Scales would have known about it.”

    Ahh! What are the odds? As Niffy Wran’s mate “Big Bill”Waterhouse (and Lionel Murphy’s mate, interesting no?) would say. Spycatcher Peter Wilson reckoned that Lionel was a Russian agent, born in Poland, who had a “legend” of Australian birth and Australian parentage). So, the “Taman Shud” book was found a few feet away from where Hemblys Scales niece lived. What are the odds?

    June 24, 2020
  2. Byron Deveson #

    And why weren’t some sections of SAPOL let in on the story? Because, as Paul once said, one of the detectives was a communist and it was well known that Western police agencies harbored more than an average number of communists. The Russians had their agent in charge of monitoring Russian activity in NSW during WW2! Needless to say his reports contained nothing of value even though some of the most crucial intel of WW2 was leaking from Sydney to Canberra and then on to Moscow.

    June 24, 2020
  3. Thanks, Byron, much appreciated.

    June 24, 2020
  4. Clive #

    So Canney asked questions from a prepared script and, in return, Jessie answered each question as instructed. Can’t help thinking that Canney was the ‘patsy’ in this scenario, unless, of course, he knew full well what to expect. Certainly Jessie was well prepared, no doubt.

    June 26, 2020
    • That would mean the police were cooperating with the other investigation. … and given the suspicions about at the time as to who was a red and who wasn’t, maybe not.

      June 26, 2020

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