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Date Zero.

On June 8th, after several long delays, Detective Brown finally got his hands on the TS slip. He then travelled to the morgue and took Paul Lawson aside. Lawson described it as an ‘interview’ in his diary, which denotes some formality.

Detective Sergeant Leane had been visiting the morgue regularly during the making of the bust, sometimes with other detectives and during one of these visits ‘they discussed the case’ (Gerry Feltus). It is thought that this was the matter Lawson didn’t wish to discuss with Stuart Littlemore in his ABC interview.

Because Lawson overheard something. The morgue’s work rooms were small and there was little privacy.

On June 8th, a week before the inquest and the day Leane gave Brown the slip to have translated, Brown came by the morgue and in an interview with Lawson told him to forget what he had heard about a relationship that existed between Jessica Harkness and Alfred Boxall.

This is where the difficulty arises as the records show the Harkness / Boxall relationship was first established when Detective Canney interviewed Harkness between the 23rd and 26th of July.

It appears a parallel investigation was taking place.

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