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What did Paul Lawson overhear being discussed by detectives in the morgue?

According to Paul Lawson’s diary ..

On June 2nd, Lawson viewed the body at West Terrace with Detectives.

On June 7th, Lawson was working at the morgue with Police.

On June 8th, Lawson was interviewed (at the morgue) by Detective Brown.

Feltus says of this day: “Detective Brown and another police officer discussed the case as Lawson completed a suitable mould of each ear.” (P84)

On June 10th, Lawson broke away the plaster mould with Detective Brown.

On June 15th, Lawson finished off the cast with Detectives Brown, Noblet and DS Leane.

On June 21, Lawson received the cast from DS Leane after it was viewed by the court.


“Paul recalls how secretive the whole situation was; being led down to the morgue to create the bust, as the South Australian Police would not let him move the body to the museum. He speaks about the eeriness of the situation as he sat in a darkened room creating the bust while his every move was being watched by a detective who was guarding the door.”

Che Wortley


Detectives Brown, Noblet and Leane had the unwelcome task of being required to attend the morgue on an almost daily basis as Lawson worked on the corpse. While there they discussed the case, and given the constrictions of the morgue’s rooms they may have included Lawson in their off the record conversations.

Glenside Morgue


Littlemore. “Did anyone think they knew him?’

Lawson. “I don’t know.”

Here Lawson pauses, half-smiling.

“By the way, you’re on tender ground,” he goes on, laughing softly.

Littlemore – “Explain why?”

Lawson – “Cut it boys.”

Littlemore – “Well don’t worry about them.”

Lawson, still smiling  – “No, I’m not going on with that part of it.”

“Why not?”


The Police obliged Jessica Harkness when she asked for anonymity

The Police obliged Chemist Freeman when he asked for anonymity.

The Police obliged two prominent baccarat players when they asked for anonymity.

Who did Paul Lawson oblige when he granted anonymity?


Lawson, still smiling  – “No, I’m not going on with that part of it.”

“Why not?”

Lawson almost replies, but thinks better of it and remains silent.

“I mean what you suggest to me is that there was somebody who obviously did know him.”

“You’re not going to tell me?”


Det. Len Brown

Lawson’s tender ground.


What did Lawson hear?

Did he hear the Police say they knew someone who could identify the body?

Was it Jessica Harkness?


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