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Two prominent baccarat players and a nit-keeper.

News (Adelaide) – 26 January 1949.

Two promininent Melbourne baccarat players who desire to remain anonymous, believe they knew the unknown man in the “Somerton beach body mystery.”

They saw the man’s picture in a Melbourne newspaper and said they thought they recognised him as a “nit-keeper” who worked at a Lonsdale street baccarat school about four years ago.

They could not recall his name.

They said the man talked to few people. He was employed at the baccarat school for about 10 weeks, then left without saying why or where he was going.

The Daiy Telegraph, Sydney – 26 Jan 1949.


Police are investigating a theory that an unidentified body at Adelaide may be that of a former “nit-keeper” for a Melbourne baccarat school.

Two Melbourne baccarat players phoned the police about it today. The players told police they had examined a photograph of the unidentified body of a man found on Somerton Beach, Adelaide, on December 1.

They said they thought it was a photograph of a baccarat “nit-keeper” who disappeared four years ago and has not been seen since.

29 March 1948


By a staff reporter

“EARLY on Sunday morning I watched police raid an upstairs club which is used almost exclusively for SP betting and baccarat.

The raid failed because of the promptness with which “nit-keepers” gave warnings.

As police raced in the front door of the building, a man (nitkeeper) looking out a window shouted to players: “This is it.”

Before the police reached the top of a flight of stairs those in the club, carrying out a pre-arranged plan, had swept cards and money from the table. Thrown other packs in their place and started legal games. Emptied glasses which had contained beer (1/ a glass), gin (2/), and whisky (2/); and opened a steel door the police could walk in without knocking.

Immediately the police left bets were paid, and a “score-sheet,” which could have been used as evidence, was burnt.


Why would a baccarat player, no, two baccarat players have anything to do with the police? Prominent players. Prominent meaning long-term. Long-term meaning they win regularly. That’s what makes them prominent.

So, here are two long-term baccarat winners chatting with the local police about a nitkeeper found dead on a beach in another state.

What was in it for them?

header pic is Lonsdale Street


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  1. dude47 #

    AND not just one but TWO witnesses.

    April 28, 2020

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