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I was always careful to draw my knife down on the face, never across or upwards. Always down. So that if the knife slips you don’t cut an artery. After all, chivving is chivving, but cutting an artery is usually murder. Only mugs do murder. Billy Hill. Criminal. Card Sharp. Ex-prisoner.


A shiv is for cutting, and stabbing.

Why would a nit-keeper be carrying a weapon?

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  1. John Smith #

    Sorry for black humor – may be he was working as part-time amateur surgeon… His tool is too short for stabbing IMHO, looks more like precise cutting knife, made by himself. Real shiv I saw was made by prisoner, length 9 cm and hidden in spinning handle. Real mortal weapon. Length is important factor for knifes battle. But your post allow to born new idea – may be SM was killer by call, working for mafia or secret service ? Such people often works with limited knowing ability, only few persons gives work orders for him…

    April 27, 2020
    • Sydney had a history of criminals using slicing weapons, they proliferated and were called razor gangs.

      April 27, 2020
  2. Perhaps the right question is why no policeman (and it’s not hard to work out who I’m talking about here) talked about the knife’s uncanny resemblance to a shiv.

    By the way, Smike (= S. Michael White) described it as a shiv back in 2013:

    April 27, 2020
  3. пожалуйста #

    The ‘broken scissors’, part of the case contents listed at the inquest and sometimes erroneously referred to as a loupe (on the basis of their part-concealed placement in the messy colour photo of the case and contents), make for a more convincing shiv than the table knife.

    An example of this approach is shown in Pete’s images above. Gordon has helpfully found a very similar looking pair manufactured in Solingen, Germany.

    April 27, 2020

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