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How to make fake licence plates

The Manufacturing Process.

Find a premises.

Purchase a couple of sheets of tinned-zinc.

Cut two pieces in the same dimensions as the plates you intend to fake. One will be the plate template, the other, the licence template.

Lay the plate template onto a metal sheet and using a pencil, trace out the number of plate blanks that can be cut from it.

Cut them out.

Tidy them up.

Paint some of the blanks black, the others white.

Put them in the rack to dry and go back to the bench, pick up the licence template and draw out, in pencil again, the (fake) licence characters in the style and placement required for that particular state. This is where custom-made comes in. A licence template is good for only one shot – we need a dozen, more.

Take more zinc sheet.

Cut them all out.

Take a dried plate blank, a black one, and place a licence template over it, paint the cut-outs white. Stick it back on the rack. Do a dozen more, all different, then sell them to the lads in need about the town before slipping away again.

Taxis extra.

header image is machine cut tinned-zinc stencils

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  1. пожалуйста #

    Feels to me like a stretch to imagine zinc is the man’s bread and butter. The tools say something about him, that’s for sure – but whether they define him exclusively is another matter.

    So, I think license plates is a good application for a talented stenciller who’s also versed in the vagaries of the illicit auto trade. A trade through which he might have learned how to sniff out a cop at twenty paces. A useful talent to be employed in fallow periods or while waiting for the heat to die down.

    April 24, 2020
    • It’s a process of elimination, Boris, we’ve dealt out the silhouette cutter, now the bulk plate maker. But those tools were meant to make something.

      April 24, 2020

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