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Gordon Cramer – his theory is certainty.

Gordon Cramer has been chasing this ghost around for as long as anyone. His research has been wide-ranging and thoughtful and he has a deep knowledge of all things espionage being a self-proclaimed ex-intelligence officer who served in the UK.  Cramer knows his way around, not only that he has been generous with his source material and happy to provide it to anyone who asks.

Cramer’s theory is in reality his certainty. He is in no doubt that the Somerton Man is Pavel Fedosimov.

  • Pavel Ivanovich Fedosimov. A Russian diplomat and known spy who was last seen in New York in July 1948. There are no confirmed sightings of Fedosimov after that date. Fedosimov was a handler for Atom Spy Harry Gold and Klaus Fuchs.

Lifted from Anemptyglass.fandom. Words by Cramer.

This is Pavel.

“We have a description of the man from Harry Gold from his meeting with Pavel at the Earl Theater in the Bronx, he was described as very tall, he walked on the balls of his feet, he had big hands and was very well built. The reference to his walking on the balls of his feet was of great interest not only to me but in earlier years, to JOHN RUFFELS, a once enthusiastic researcher on the case. People who walk on the balls of their feet tend to develop high calf muscles just like the Somerton Man.”

Lifted from the Adelaide Advertiser. Words by Cramer.

Cramer discounts all the tools found in the suitcase as being placed there by persons unknown in order to distract the official investigation.

He reconciles Fedosimov’s exceptional height and the medium height of the Somerton Man as the result of the shrinkage that occurs after death.

This phenomenon has no scientific basis.

Cramer also discounts the appearance of what looks like a ‘saddle-nose’ on Fedosimov as being a trick of light, or a shadow, or the imprint of a oxygen mask as worn on some aircraft at the time.

Cramer has also cracked the Rubaiyat code, holding that (1) the capital letters are messages in themselves that are governed by co-signs and message breaks, and (2) the capital letters are steganographic (a message within a message).

Examples follow:



Gordon Cramer’s blog has attracted a substantial following on the strength of his findings and his work has been published widely.

Professor Abbott is disinclined to believe it.

“My scepticism regarding micro-writing stems from the fact that these are getting into the resolution limit of the image,” he said.

“Further, the acid test for anything like this is that it should result in a message of significance. Until then, in my view, it remains unvalidated.”

Gordon Cramer’s latest work of significance is the finding of hidden messages in the inscription, illustrations and printing of Alfred Boxall’s Rubaiyat, as pictured.


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