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Derek Abbott’s Path. To what end ?

October 15, 2011. Sunday Mail (SA): crime reporter Emily Watkins. 

‘Attorney-General John Rau has refused a bid to exhume the body of a man found dead on Somerton beach 63 years ago.’


Rau’s referring to an application made by Derek Abbott, who believes fresh dental records and “autosomes testing” could lead to a family grouping and likely surname.

‘The application was not compelling.’ Rau

Abbott: ‘I have tantalising clues to his identity.’ 


November 23, 2013. Sunday Mail (SA) 

‘Adelaide woman Rachel Eagan, who believes she may be the granddaughter to (the) Somerton Man, wants his body exhumed.’

‘Prof Abbott (her husband) also wants to extract DNA (from her hair) to check on an international database in the hope it can be matched against relatives here and overseas.’

‘Prof abbott believes Robin Thomson and the Somerton Man could be related as they share a unique dental quirk. They also share a similar ear shape.’

‘I am seeking advice.’ Rau.

‘I will only approve where circumstances were more than just public curiosity.’ Rau.

‘I have not received a request for exhumation from SAPOL or the Coroner regarding this matter.’ Rau.


‘Abbott is a grade- A pest.’ Feltus, ex-SAPOL

so ..


November 30, 2013. Sunday Mail (SA): Watkins again.

Shadow attorney-general Stephan Wade ‘hints’ that if the Liberals win in March, they may permit the grave to be opened.

‘On the one hand it’s a cold case and on the other hand it involves issues of paternity.’ Wade.

‘It looks like a prima facie case or reasonable case (for justifying exhumation).’ Wade


December 2017.  The Holy Grail.

Abbott obtains some hair

Abbott announced three “excellent” hairs at the right development stage for extracting DNA” had been found on the plaster cast of the corpse, and had been submitted for analysis to the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA at the University of Adelaide. Processing the results could reportedly take up to a year.


Tracey Bryan started an exhumation petition to The Honourable John Rau, MP (The Attorney-General of South Australia)

February 2018

The University of Adelaide team obtained a high definition analysis of the mitochondrial DNA from the hair sample from Somerton Man. They found that he and his mother belonged to haplogroup H4a1a1a, which is possessed by only 1% of Europeans.[90]

17 March 2018.

South Australian Opposition win government. Wade’s hint to exhume is alive.

7 NEWS, Monday 14 October 2019.

‘South Australian’s Attorney General, Vickie Chapman, has granted conditional approval to exhume the body of the mysterious “Somerton Man” – one of the nation’s most bizarre cold cases.’


About January 2020

“I thought that permission was already granted. Why the petition now?” contributor / member of Abbott’s Facebook page. (Identifying the Somerton Man)

Abbott: ‘Just to clarify: It is unclear at this point if funds need to be really raised, despite the narrative in the media. Hence there is no campaign (at the moment). Permission has not been granted for an exhumation…there is a large gap between reserved approval on a TV camera and signing on a dotted line.’

so, it’s back to this

‘Therefore it is wise to continue with the above campaign to raise signatures (not funds).’ Abbott.


Going back to November 2013

‘I have not received a request for exhumation from SAPOL or the Coroner regarding this matter.’ Rau.

.. then to October 2019.

“South Australian’s Attorney General has granted conditional approval to exhume the body ..” 7 NEWS.


Vickie Chapman needs both the South Australian Police and the Coroner to sign off on Abbott’s dotted line.

They are the two signatures that govern her decision: her conditions.

And my personal view is that it will always be –

– as long as SAPOL has a vote.

.. because

'Feltus hates my guts.'  Abbott.

“Feltus hates my guts.”


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  1. dude47 #

    It would appear to be true. I saw Feltus and Abbott in the same room during the launch of the Doco and its fair to say they were social distancing long before it became fashionable.

    Does anyone know why Feltus hated Abbott?

    April 20, 2020
    • lewiansto #

      Can’t remember who it was but didn’t someone claiming to be related to someone who had something to do with the case come forward at the time of that screening? Did anything ever come of that?

      April 20, 2020
      • Lew .. this was lifted from Australian Story ABC 4 November 2019

        “I have utilised Rachel’s DNA already,” Professor Abbott admits, “I’ve been finding there are a lot of fourth cousins in the USA.”

        April 21, 2020
  2. From a surfer’s perspective, he was a blow-in.

    April 20, 2020

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