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John Ruffels – his theory.

1978. The year Ruffels was interviewed by the ABC. His theory strong enough to resonate with GF who awarded him enough space in his book to expound upon it in full.

JR said he had chewed down on a lot of research on espionage in Australia from 1913 to 1963. ‘It was something in which I was interested.’

Ruffel’s story goes this way:

In 1948 the Adelaide orchard was hung with very ripe fruit – Woomera, rockets, weapons, aircraft. The comings and goings of diplomats. Research into the Atomic Bomb. Uranium mining. Communist Party intrigue. Visits by MI 5’s Roger Hollis. Accusations made against Doc Evatt. US / UK Intelligence problems. Russia talking. Gawler listening. Venona deciphering. Kim Philby looking on. Hoover rampant. Japan in ruins. Australia without America’s full trust because Britain was without any. Imagine.

All those trees, all that ripe fruit. Just for the picking.

Ruffles thought it was a picker who was fatally compromised when The Tizard Apple ripened in Adelaide’s orchard.

Sir HenryTizard: ‘One of Britain’s senior, research scientists .. entrusted with Britain’s greatest secrets in 1940 when Britain was trying to draw America into the war.’

Sir Henry Tizel and friend. Tizel was in Adelaide in 1948

Ruffels said his picker could have been (1) A Russian spy (2) A British Intelligence Officer (3) A  British Defence Scientist turned traitor, or (4) An American Intelligence officer who had been ‘bumped off’ by the other side.’

The dead picker’s story according to John Ruffels, is as follows:

The man labelled Keane first discards the Rubaiyat, then is captured, taken away and interrogated without violence before being injected with ‘some truth drug.’

‘Sodium Pentathol for instance which I gather would be some form of barbiturate.’

Ruffels went on to say that the capturers, either accidentally or on purpose, administered the man labelled Keane an overdose of the truth drug. Then after deciding they ‘had to get rid of him, can’t just leave him lying around’ they ‘thoroughly cleansed him of labels.’

At this point of the interview, Ruffels produced a newspaper article – Adelaide Advertiser July 49 – and read the accounts of Harkness giving Boxall a Rubiayat 1945, her moving to Melbourne, marriage, her mother receiving a letter from a fellow and some time in 1948 somebody called at the block of flats next door enquiring after a nurse he once knew.

There you have it.

I can’t see this baby going high, score-wise

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  1. misca #

    Unbelievable that this whole thing is still not solved. Belies belief!

    May 19, 2020
  2. пожалуйста #

    It’s solved. We’re just not in the circle of trust.

    May 22, 2020

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