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Micro-writing, as employed in the espionage world is usually done in such a manner as to be (1) easily hidden by both the writer and the reader, and (2) quickly completed because speed is essential lest either be caught in possession of what would be an incriminating item.

The secret messages are invariably done in a dedicated code that has been created to serve both the agent and his / her handler as there is no sense in making it immediately readable by anyone from the other side who may come into into its possession, whether it be a Thomas, Dicky or Boris.

You know it makes sense.

Gordon Cramer has recently posted this well-known image again .. please note the shaded right-hand top corner to which he has obligingly drawn our attention.

Cramer is of the opinion that there are numbers and messages hidden midst that smudge, many numbers and many messages. Enough to satisfy everyone.

So he invites us to look closer.


Given the modern equipment Cramer has accumulated and employed over the years, together with the time it has taken him to expose and read these ‘secret writings,’ a man is left to wonder how on earth it was all done in 1948.

I would sincerely like ask Cramer this question by means of a civil comment on his blog, but, alas, he has denied me the opportunity.

Apparently I am judged by Cramer to be a low-order troll and as such he believes anything I would like to put forward on the subject would be to the detriment of any discussion and only add to the general dismay of all concerned. I am unable to understand the reasons for this hostile action, as I, on the other hand, have forgone the opportunity to indulge myself in a similar fashion, though it be fully merited.

I’m a forgiving kind of fellow you see, used to the perpetual vagaries of human nature. I suppose you could put that down to having lived a rich and varied life that encompassed both slaughterhouses and corporate boardrooms.

Nevertheless, if Cramer wishes to join any discussion here he is quite welcome.

And on another note: recently I was asked somewhat peremptorily why I allowed John Sanders to comment over here. The only response that came to mind was because Cramer won’t allow me to comment over there.


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  1. sanders #

    ….and yet there’s no sign of the micro crap on the same smudge in Cramer’s Matthew.B. Hall pseudonym posts of 18/10/18… Abrica dabra (camera obscura macro) now we have £ 20,000 odd clearly shown in the same hidey hole which fits ever so neat with Prospers apparent windfall of early ’49…… Come over and join the show Gordon it’s all just convivial winding up chatter now…Oh and bring those new bank account details if you’d be so kind; wouldn’t want them to forget em now; there’s a good flim flam man.

    April 2, 2020
    • Now’s the time you pop back to the most honourable moderator at Randomstuff and get me back on the board .. ok? One for one, old salt.

      April 2, 2020
  2. dude47 #

    My attitude to Gordons micro writing is the same as Tony Abbott’s attitude to climate change. Its bullshit!

    April 3, 2020
    • Well, that puts you off his Christmas card list.

      April 3, 2020
  3. dude47 #

    That ship sailed long befor that post pb.

    April 4, 2020
    • What do you reckon we’ve got with English Boris here ? Bloke’s come out of nowhere. And where the f.. is Clive? Come back mate, there’s nothing to forgive.

      April 4, 2020
  4. dude47 #

    English Boris is a mystery man for now.

    GC hates the car thief theory and he’s not to partial to the dude either.

    Gordon should use his time in lockdown to look up Gabriel (Blah Blah) Vigorito a very interesting cat.
    He ran the biggest car thieving ring in the US during the post war years right up until the mid 50s.
    The racket involved hundreds of people including ex service men, street punks , garage attendants and most importantly used car dealers who had access to the necessary paperework. The involvement of a used car dealer was crucial to the scam

    Despite being the kingpin Blah Blah was known to less than 5 people.

    Blah Blah designed a system of “drops” in order to keep separation and anonymity between each person in the chain.

    April 4, 2020
  5. sanders #

    I’m finding our Boris to be just the type of refreshing, straight shooting, inquisitorial sleuth we’ve been in most need of for ages… Be they be an Ivan, Pom or humble crow eater, I’m happy to let the secret stay secret just so long as it keeps our hot wired auto dealers on their game.

    April 4, 2020
    • Easy for you to say, dusty, you’re not having to field the bloke’s questions, not that I mind, far from it. About time we got into some clear air.

      April 4, 2020

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