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The 2015 dude47 Revelations

Nick Pelling was kind enough to respond to my email last night, and he added a link to comments made by the ‘renowned’ dude47 on Cipher Mysteries back in February 2015.


‘As I have posted on petes site the car thief theory just got better for mine.

I was chatting with an older relative who was in the Adelaide car trade in the 60s and 70s hoping he may know of George.
Whilst he does remember knowing of him he had nothing specific to offer HOWEVER something far more interesting came out of the conversation.
I shared my theory with him about SM being a car thief and without knowledge of the full tool kit SM had in the suitcase he volunteered that cars of that era could be easily started with a small sheet of alfoil.

You would simply slide it behind the ignition button which was how many cars of the time were operated. It was a simple but effective and handy trick known by people in the trade.

He described using the alfoil wrapper from a lifesaver packet to start his FJ when he lost the keys once.
I then told him about the sheet of soft Zinc SM had in his suitcase and he said that it would have been ideal to start a car without keys provided you were able to gain entry and that a short screwdriver would have done that job no problem.

I can’t think of a better reason why he would be carrying a worn out small piece of pliable alfoil or zinc than this.

Not to mention the other items in his “tool kit” cut down knife with hand made sheath plus small scissors with sheath etc.’

How good was the dude?

But he didn’t get the black graphite powder and pencils, that’s down to yours truly.

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