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One of Gordon Cramer’s digital makeovers

The saddle-nosed Fedosimov on the left

Same shot close up – saddle-nose prominent

Same shot close up, saddle-nose eliminated

The manipulation done to make Fedosimove look more like this fellow

“It isn’t a saddle nose, it’s because he was wearing one of these.”

“It isn’t a saddle-nose, it’s a shadow!”

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  1. Plastic surgery should be so painless ..

    April 1, 2020
  2. sanders #

    TS/BS on 15/1/17, and with a little help from friends, Gordon identified Ambassador Nikolai Novikov as Y’man Pavel Fedosimov and spent th thread detailing, with help of his you beaut Pentax, how Nick’s bespectactled dial was the spitting image of Somerton man. It was only after Misca pointed out the other taller bloke in the frame with the saddle nose, that Flash thought of making him a better fit with a little brushing up around the snoz…

    April 2, 2020

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