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Keane’s thirteen tools of trade. Count them .. !

The tools found in the Somerton Man’s suitcase that have been identified as being suitable for accessing and starting a locked car are as follows:

(1) The square of metal foil. 

(2) The scissors.

(3) The table-knife snapped to a point.

(4) The brush. Partly visible.

(5,6,7,8,9,10) The pencils. Three of six not pictured.

(11) The black powder shaken from the brush.

see link:


We have more.

(12) The ladies hairpin.

Turning a hairpin into lockpick

.. and using it to manipulate an internal lock mechanism.

(13) The screwdriver.

No photos of the screwdriver exist, however it was described as being small (Feltus).

A combination of hairpin and screwdriver being used to force a lock.

Both down to Clive and dude47

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  1. thedude747 #

    Interesting article on November 30th the day we assume Keane arrives that the day before a jewellery shop on the Parade at Norwood ,which is walking distance from the Adelaide train station ,was broken into overnight and robbed of a small fortune in jewellery and “expensive watches”
    The tool kit could be handy for a multitude of break and enter purposes and didn’t our man PT “lose” an expensive watch around that time. the kind of watch worn by the wealthy not one would assume a part time unlicenced cab driver

    February 22, 2020

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