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A single uncancelled railway ticket to Henley Beach explained.

The Somerton Man is generally thought to have arrived at Adelaide Station on the 30th of November at about 9:15 am on the Melbourne Express, or 9:17 am on the Broken Hill Express.

Then, an hour and a half later –

He bought a railway ticket for Henley Beach.

Then, ten minutes later –

He lodged his suitcase at the station luggage office.

Then, fifteen minutes later –

He bought a bus ticket for Glenelg.

There have been many scenarios put forward as to what the Somerton Man did in the time between arriving at the station and buying his ticket to Henley Beach.

Perhaps he took his case and went looking for a place to clean up outside the station, a public washhouse. Perhaps he sat in the station for an hour and a half, smoking, drinking tea, suitcase by his side, reading a newspaper. Getting up every now and then to ring the telephone number written on the back of a copy of the Rubaiyat he was carrying.


or ..

He arrived at the station from the airport and bought a ticket to Henley Beach without knowing the distance he would have to walk to Glenelg. Then, after been told at the barrier how far it was, and informed of a more direct route, he changed his plans, lodged his suitcase and caught the bus to Glenelg instead.

This could explain why the railway ticket from Adelaide to Henley Beach found in his pocket wasn’t punched.

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