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Digital manipulation and the Somerton Man

Author’s note: Following is the post that angered Gordon Cramer to such a degree he immediately hit back with the false accusation that I was stalking his family.

This I deny completely. That he would spread such a preposterous lie, and I’ve known the man for years, is beyond my comprehension.


In the ten years I’ve been writing and chewing away at this ‘most profound’ mystery I’ve come across quite a few rascals, most of them harmless and only wanting to see their comments up on the internet.

Then there are the sensitive ones, those who run their own sites but find it hard to accept any sort of valid, ongoing criticism, and with the internet being as it is, blogs in particular, it is a very simple exercise for them to block the critical comments and send them straight into the trash to mingle, unread, with the more lurid spam until they are all swept away and obliterated.

Some go even further and convince other forums of the imagined duplicity of the banned poster and they in turn bring down their own shutters.

That being the case, a man has only one path to take when faced with Gordon Cramer’s widely distributed notion that Pavel Fedosimov is in fact the Somerton Man.

That this man …


..  after Cramer’s digital rhinoplasty,


becomes this man



Another (now suspect) example of Cramer’s digital handiwork

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  1. A message for the troll: from Gordon Cramer.

    Dated today, January 15, 2020

    “What you are doing is beneath contempt, you used to be a decent person and I think you could be again but attacking others with sly comments and innuendo in addition to trolling and even stalking members of my family is not the way forward.”

    I do not want to believe that this comment was meant for me, but would rather it be a coincidence that it appeared on Cramer’s blog the same day I wrote the post questioning his habit of manipulating images to suit his own purposes.

    Nevertheless, if some connotations can be made that connect me with these threats on his family, I suggest most strongly that Cramer contact the local police station immediately. I will be happy to provide them with my email addresses and phone number if required.

    Laws now apply in these matters, particularly for online accusations without merit.
    Times have changed.

    January 14, 2020
  2. Dusty Fogg #

    The message should come through loud and clear Bozo! Change your wicked ways, get back to believing in the letter ‘Q’ again and the world will be yours my son. We took the advice and just look what it did for us, thanks to our all seeing, all forgiving mofo mate Chris.

    January 14, 2020
    • Never mind Occam’s razor, this bloke uses Occam’s eraser.

      January 15, 2020
  3. Vanessa Sorensen #

    WHAT WAS IN THE CIGARETTE! They would not have tested it, and if there was a deadly gas in his lungs it would have dissipated over night. They are also easy to tamper with, if it was a roll up. Would they have tested it back then? Think. He died half way through the cigarette, But was well enough to light it. I d k why I thought of this. First time I heard it was a documentary yesterday.

    January 22, 2020
    • He didn’t light it, Vanessa, no matches or cig lighter were found on the body.

      January 22, 2020

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