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Who would throw away treasure?

In the real world of espionage every care is taken to leave as little evidence as possible of involvement, whether it be a dead letter drop, a brush-by exchange or a handler agent meeting. These events are as rigorously planned as an army manoeuvre. Back-up procedures are made ready, meeting places scrutinised prior to the event. Avenues of escape memorised, vantage points noted.

Recognition procedures visible from a distance. If she’s holding flowers in her left hand all is well, in her right, abandon ship.

Everything is considered because people die playing the Great Game. Then and now.

The product (treasure) may be hidden inside a newspaper left on the bench by one man and taken away by the other, or hidden underneath a church pew marked with a swipe of yellow chalk.

Espionage doesn’t create paranoia, it is essential in the practice.


In the Somerton Man case we have a discarded item rich in code (treasure), that we have been told was found in the back seat of a car. Tossed in by somebody hurrying away.

This is not the act of a person engaged in the exchange of treasure. Nothing of such importance is ever discarded carelessly, knowing it will be found.

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