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71 Candles

Best bet is we won’t be any closer next birthday ..

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  1. dusty #

    If you can keep up a consistant barage of scornfull ridicule towards your contemptuous and scheming foes for another year of push and shove;.If you can maintain your God given wholesome initiatives and keep those ghouls away from a certain West Terrace plot; If you can retain the will to win and the pluck to fight; If you can keep your head while all about you etc, dream and not make dreams etc,..truth you’ve spoken twisted by knaves to make a trap etc,..lose and start again etc etc.; Not only will you have plated the game and won, with some luck you’ll still be a man old son! …just so long as the crick don’t rise and Gowings stays open!

    December 5, 2019
    • Stick with me, Dusty, and we’ll go places unmapped, cross seas without a horizon, climb ranges that pierce the clouds, and beneath us, our competitors in this eternal race will eventually founder, their hopes for a resolution will evaporate like half the creeks and dams just a little west of where I’m standing. With the dreaded Pom out of the picture and the DA gang bunkered down, all we have left as recompense are the not-so-artful dodgers out BIGFOOTY way. As a matter of fact, and by my nearest reckoning, yours truly has now been permanently ejected from at least four Somerton Man forums and correspondence totally ignored by another. A proud record, and evidence of both obstinacy and obduracy.
      We have that in common.

      December 5, 2019
      • dusty #

        Don’t fret Boze, I’m black listed, not only with the same bunch of unwashed snivelling imposters as thee, but also a clique of intelligencia catherders unwilling to concede that a plebe like moi could shave almost five hundred years off their wacko Voynich Manuscript date claims. PS You take the obstiinacy, I’ll stick with common and if agreed we’ll split the obduracy.

        December 5, 2019
        • Who’s fretting?
          I also scored a knockout (almost literally) for giving out information online about the nature of the waves washing ashore at Avalon. This made me tres unpopulaire with the local laddies .. one of them a cop. He knocked on my front door one day, wanting a chat. Then there was the Cormac McCarthy forum .. had to go after five years. Pelling called me a very nasty name but I forgive him. Abbott, his buck stopped way lower. Then he asked reddit to dump me.
          Another said I needed a smackdown, though unable to deliver it himself.
          So, I’m thinking, Dusty, that if all these blokes and you and me were settled down cosy like in one of those riverside hooches up your way and running with the same subject, kicking a man out might be a hard thing to do.
          Reverently yours.

          December 5, 2019
  2. dusty #

    Conrad’s heart of darkness would be akin to Paris in the the spring alongside our ‘umble wee ‘ovel in back of Rung Binh Ba rubber. Triantiwantigongalopes as long as a graveyard shift, where red tail two step vipers do mortal combat with kith and kin for hooche space at last light. Accursed RtA (Return to Australia) bugs and chomper ants will bite a man to bits for title to his fart sack at night purely out of spite. Our camp is about as far from Saigon as Marrickville is from Jestyn’s birthplace, with not a living soul to hear any plaintive cries for mercy. The place is called the farkanal zone, where bia KGB rules, green lipped bearded clams are free to munch on and where ‘this is the end’ drones on mournfully in an endless loop. It’s also where smoko still means exactly what it sez, whence the Marlboro man, Roy Rogers and Smokey Dawson ride side by side (Dale Evans trailing with the kit) in wall mural form towards the Great Divide… KGB lager pretty ordinary against Saigon red, but maybe glenelg1948, or one of those might agree to a fake skin test for traces of dioxin that once fell like purple rain upon our trusty red rifles and We.

    December 5, 2019
    • Here speaketh the voice of a man dealt little mercy .. but Dusty, I have to ask – did you take a longboard over there with you?

      December 5, 2019
  3. dusty #

    No, and fortunately for my mob only saw the coast on arrival aboard the Sydney our first trip over. I did see a couple of blond Huntington Beach marine types making do on some rip curls aided by a huey in an authentic looking Nam movie which looked like fun.

    December 5, 2019

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