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Littlemore and Boxall – Wordplay.


Stuart Littlemore QC is an Australian barrister and former journalist and television presenter. He created the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s long-running Media Watch program, which he hosted from its inception in 1989 to 1997. (Wikipedia)

Stuart Littlemore was appointed to Queen’s Counsel in 1992. He practises in common law, principally in defamation and specialised areas of criminal law.

When Littlemore prepared himself for the Somerton Man interview he would have looked over Boxall’s war record and seen he had served in the 2/1 Nackeroos before transferring to Georges Head.

And Littlemore, if he didn’t already know, would soon have learnt what the Nackeroos did for their pay while serving in the wilderness of the Kimberleys.

That research would have convinced him that the 2/1 Nackeroos was not an Intelligence unit. Far from it. So he wasn’t talking about them.


If you doubt this logic we have re-placed one word to suit.


‘Mr Boxall, you had been working in an Intelligence unit, hadn’t you? Before you met this young woman?’

‘Did you talk to her, about that, at all?’




‘Was it not done to speak about those things?’


‘Well, it was not done to speak about Intelligence affairs.’


So she couldn’t have known about your involvement with Intelligence?’


‘Not unless someone else told her.’


Littlemore’s questions were linked to Boxall’s suspected service within one of the CSS’s covert units while working as an engineer at the Georges Head Army Water Base. Minutes away from the hotel where he regularly met a ‘young woman’ suspected to have known an unidentified man thought to have been a spy and who was found dead in suspicious circumstances close her Adelaide home.



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  1. Rarely would ypu find recorded actual locations of deployments in war service records. In one of my grand uncle’s service records it only says that his squadron. The city of Perth Squadron was based at Cunderdin, when in actual fact he was based at Corruna Downs just south of Port Hedland.
    In the case of one of my wife’s uncle’s, his record only has him at the Provost General’s at Holdsworthy, yet he spent most of his time parachuting into North Vietnam to either arrest and extract, or neutralise (assassinate) rogue Australian POW collaborators who had flipped and were arms/drug running, or had actually joined North Vietnamese Army units as intelligence officers. There’s no records of his deployments or cases even in the Provost records that I searched through of case investigated or prosecuted in Vietnam.
    So whatever Alf was doing, take the official record with a grain of salt IMO.

    October 21, 2019
    • I have one large grain of salt on my table, Pete, and that is Boxall’s presence in Sydney the month Harkness fell pregnant. And not for a minute do I believe he put her in that situation.

      October 21, 2019
      • I remember reading a transcript of an interview Clayton gave where he was quite lucid about his days promoting and furthering the communist cause, though his wife, concerned, remained mostly silent, looking worried.

        October 22, 2019
  2. thedude747 #

    Its absolutely appropriate to pursue every lead so no disrespect for doin g so abut Ive said it all along and Ill stand by it,, Boxal is the most overrated lead in this whole affair. Boxal was a red herring in 1948 and that he remains one 2019. Well done Jess for throwing the cops of the scent but surely now we’ve got to wake up and smell the coffee. If Jess was a spy she was lousy one if she gave up her main contact so easily. Boxal would never have agreed to be interviewed on camera if he had anything to hide. His own family said he was a drama queen and he plays up the camera in. his interview.

    October 22, 2019

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