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69 questions

Why did Jessica Harkness tell the police everything she knew about Alfred Boxall yet nothing of the Somerton Man .. ?

Why didn’t Harkness tell the police anything about the Somerton Man .. ?

Why was she shocked to see his likeness .. ?

Why wasn’t she categorised as a Person of Interest .. ?

Why wasn’t there a follow up interview .. ?

Why wasn’t Sir Cedric Stanton Hicks, Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology, asked for an opinion on the condition of his feet .. ?

Why was it left to Paul Lawson, Taxidermist .. ?

Why were there no socks in his luggage when he carried spare ties, shirts, trousers, underpants, singlets, coat, shirt, comb … ?

Why wasn’t Harkness asked by Feltus if her pet name was Jestyn .. ?

Why was a box of Bryant and May matches later included in his possessions .. ?

Why did PC Moss miss a BOX of matches when he found two transport tickets on the same body .. ?

Why did Lyon’s account of the state of the cigarette found on the body differ to that of PC Moss .. ?

Why wasn’t Harkness asked by Feltus if she knew a man named Keane .. ?

Why were two tickets left in his pocket when everything else that identified him was taken .. ?

Why did these tickets lead back to the train station and the suitcase .. ?

Why didn’t the police pursue this line of enquiry .. ?

Why did they wait for Detective Brown to issue a general enquiry about missing luggage before the police visited the train station luggage office .. ?

Why wasn’t anyone seen lying by the Childrens Home steps before 7:30 pm or after 8:30 pm on the night of November 30th .. ?

Why has SA Major Crimes taken possession of the previously authorised DNA samples legally obtained by analyst Blackie .. ?

Why, considering they took them over seventeen months ago, did it take so long for the seizure to be publicly known .. ?

Why was Gordon Strapp’s Deposition ignored when it would have effected the inquest outcome .. ?

Why do we take for granted  that Littlemore’s question to Boxall about involvement in Intelligence related to his service with the Nackeroos .. ?

Why do we believe the Nackeroos were involved in Intelligence when they were a commando style unit  .. ?

Why then did Boxall admit working with Intelligence .. ?

Why didn’t Stuart Littlemore ask Boxall if he knew a man named Keane .. ?

Why didn’t Littlemore ask Boxall if he knew Harkness as Jestyn .. ?

Why was the identity of Chemist Freeman withheld for seventy years .. ?

Why did the lividity on his upper body contradict the position his body was found in .. ?

Why did Harkness, a young single woman, give Boxall, an older married man, a copy of the Rubaiyat prior to his overseas posting .. ?

Why didn’t Boxall’s wife give him a copy of the Rubaiyat prior to his overseas posting .. ?

Why would Harkness inscribe Boxall Verse 70 when her relationship with him was only occasional .. ?

Why did he have Kensitas cigarettes in an Army Club packet .. ?

Why was a handkerchief, singlet and a pair of jockey underpants added to his possessions .. ?

Why wasn’t Harkness asked if she had any digitalis in the house .. ?

Why wasn’t Prosper Thomson asked if he took digitalis for his haemoptysis .. ?

Why didn’t the police pursue this line of enquiry .. ?

Why was a half-smoked cigarette found on the body when he didn’t have the means to light it .. ?

Why didn’t Stuart Littlemore ask Boxall if Harkness wrote the inscription .. ?

Why weren’t the airlines checked for arrivals on or about November 30th .. ?

Why wasn’t the Rubaiyat handed in before the inquest .. ?

Why has the code defied generations of code-breakers .. ?

Why were his feet ‘wedge shaped’ .. ?

Why didn’t the Charles Wooley ask Kate Thomson if her mother’s pet name was Jestyn .. ?

Why was the cigarette found on the body not retained as evidence .. ?

Why was there no correspondence in his suitcase when he had enough envelopes to suggest he wrote regularly .. ?

Why don’t we know who marked up the code .. ?

Why was the code marked up .. ?


Why were there no scorch marks on his skin or clothing given he had a partly smoked cigarette wedged under his chin .. ?

Why did he have such an exceptional physique .. ?

Why didn’t the police take note of the number of second-hand, already inscribed Rubaiyats on the used book market .. ?

Why wasn’t Jessica Harkness interviewed, for the record .. ?

Why did Leane’s Deposition include a box of Bryant and May matches when his initial listing of possessions didn’t .. ?

Why did Harkness’ daughter describe her mother as being ‘secretive .. ?

Why did Leane’s Deposition differ from Moss’ in regard to the box of Bryant and May matches .. ?

Why did it take so long for the police to find out what Tamam Shud meant, seeing as the Rubaiyat was very popular in Australia .. ?

Why was he stripped of all his identity .. ?

Why are we accepting that Jessica was nicknamed Jestyn .. ?

Why didn’t Feltus ask Harkness if she was known as Jestyn .. ? 

Why are we accepting that the man seen the night before was the same man seen in the morning .. ?

Why were there abrasions on the knuckles of his right hand .. ?


Why would the police have thought a ship’s 3rd Officer would improvise his own tools .. ?

Why did he have cigarettes and no matches .. ?

Why has the witness statement that tells of a man carrying a man along the foreshore on the night of the 30th been withheld .. ?

Why was the only officially released image of the code marked up .. ?

Why isn’t there a photo of the unmarked code .. ?

Why has SA Major Crimes held the DNA samples for over seventeen months .. ?

Why was Senior Government Analyst Cowan unable to identify a black powder shaken from a brush that was part of a homemade set of tools taken from the man’s luggage .. ?

Why does the thought occur that the man has already been identified by SA Major Crimes through their analysing of the samples taken from analyst Blackie .. ?

And finally,

.. why does the thought occur that the any official findings of the DNA samples will be suppressed .. ?


Question everything ..





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  1. You think that’s a tough one, do ye? Next post we do the answers.

    October 13, 2019
  2. Byron Deveson #

    I am informed that the ABC will run a half hour doco on the SM case tomorrow 8pm.

    October 13, 2019
    • I’m prepared for the same old thing …

      October 13, 2019
      • But not prepared for something so personally intrusive, which, for me, made uncomfortable viewing.

        October 14, 2019
  3. Clive #

    Should have been promoted as the “Professor Abbott Investigates-featuring his family, oh, and a body on the beach”

    October 15, 2019
    • With cameos by Bridget, Gary and Stuart.
      Half an hour wasted.

      October 15, 2019
    • But first the $20,000 of donated money … then the exhumation spectacle will evolve. Abbott front and centre, the mystery forgotten for another generation.

      October 20, 2019
  4. Byron Deveson #

    I feel confident that I can talk into putting up the money. They are spending a lot on advertising and the SM tale could be crafted into an advertising doco. Murder, spies, unknown poison, atomic testing, rockets, missing KGB/GRU operatives, possible links to the Manhattan Project etc. What’s not to like? Properly done the story could attract enormous audiences, and not just from the Western world. I am presently penning a letter to Ancestry to suggest that they should get on board and stump up the $20,000. I think the DNA marketing angle is so strong that they will bite.

    October 21, 2019
  5. Byron Deveson #

    Oh, I should also have mentioned that Ancestry has DNA from 15 million people which means that SM would probably DNA match to tens of thousands of known people and many of these people have paper genealogies. The genetic distance between people can be established by the degree of matching so tracing unknown parents is not too difficult. The biggest problem is that birth records less that 100 years old are generally not directly available because of recent concerns about identity theft. But newspaper and othe records can often fill in this gap.

    October 21, 2019
    • If the exhumation doesn’t work out and DA fails in his third attempt to establish a direct relationship between SM and his wife and children then we will be back to where it started, except, and I’m certain of this, the more newspapers that pick up the story the more inaccurate their reporting will be.
      It seems the only research journalist do these days is to read their own newspapers.

      October 21, 2019

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