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The man with two combs

Well we remember the saying: when you’re on a roll ….

The following is a recent exchange concerning another subject of some discussion on BIG FOOTY.COM, wherein I was fortunate enough to communicate with one of the advocates (The Earnest Researcher) of the view that SM had TWO combs in his possession.

Picture this exchange as a chess match. Ernie is black, yours truly, white.

Move 1 – Ernie

Moss got the handkerchief and both combs

Response – YT

Moss only listed one comb

Move 2 – Ernie

Two combs, page 21 of the document.

Response – YT

only one comb was produced, same page, same document.

Move 3 – Ernie

this means that one comb was produced in court and the metal comb was in the exhibits.


“The comb produced was on the body,
also the chewing gum and the metal comb.

Response – YT


“The packet produced looks like the cigarettes I found. Also the metal comb and chewing gum. The comb produced was on the body.”

Move 4  – Ernie

Personally, I’m over it.

Ernie topples his king.

Game over in four moves.

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