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The strand of an unconvincing narrative.

Let’s run another lap  ….

A slip of paper was found on the body.

The slip of paper was matched with the book it was torn from.

The book it was torn from had a telephone number written on the back.

The telephone number unearthed a Person of Interest.

The PoI lived two hundred yards away from where the body was found.

The body appeared not to have died where it was found.

The PoI was interviewed at her home.

She was cooperative.

She was taken for another interview and to view the bust of the dead man,

where she was almost overcome,

.. and was no longer cooperative.


This is the narrative that convinced the South Australian Police there was nothing further to pursue in regard to the Somerton Man case.


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  1. Let’s say that you had a wife and kids. You had to leave them when you were 30 and they had to be told you were dead. But you kept up with their progress through an intermediary. You knew your family changed their name and had migrated to Australia. Almost 30 years later you were retired from MI5 due to I’ll health and heard that you now had a grandson. You made some enquiries and found a phone number then an address. You knew if you came in from the cold that this would compromise something much bigger than the old bosses could weather. You had a poison pill and nothing to live for. Would you like to see your grandson?

    September 22, 2019
    • The next step is to parse that theory into dates, then compare them to the dates we know.

      September 22, 2019

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