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How to find another code hidden within The Code.

The following steps are recommended ….

1. The code page.

Use the version found on the Adelaide University


Print resolution: 400 dpi.

Physical size: 6.5cm X 5.19 cm.

Image resolution: 157 pixels per cm.

2. The printer.

Use a Giclee/inkjet fine art printer. Do not use a laser printer.

Do not enlarge or inflate the image from its original size.

3. The paper.

Heavy quality white matt finish.

170 to 200 gsm.

The camera

Good quality (Lumix type) flash including a macro setting. UV/IR enabled if possible.

5. Lighting

2 sources of 20 watt LED light. UV lighting as an alternative.

6. Be patient.

Note: When taking the photographs, they need to be taken at an oblique angle and you need 5 or 6 images of each letter from different locations around that letter.

With thanks to Gordon Cramer.

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