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The construction of an alibi

A casual relationship developed between Boxall and Harkness in a bar at the Clifton Gardens Hotel in Sydney in 1945.

Three years later in Adelaide, Harkness was questioned in detail about this relationship.

In the interview, she remembered Alf Boxall’s name, his address, his workplace and his rank in the Army. She remembered the last time they met in the bar.

The theory that develops from these circumstances is that Harkness may have got a message to Boxall soon after the body of a man known to her was found close to her home.

She needed help.

She needed an alibi.

Her message to Boxall could have read as follows:

mae angen help arnoch chi (Welsh)

which is ..

I need help from you.


J Estyn (Welsh)

which is ..

I'm reaching out. Jessica.

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  1. Welsh eh? Makes sense, considering that the word “Babd” (Celtic goddess of war) appears in the top row of the codex in Somerton man’s copy of the book. Reference:

    September 14, 2019

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