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Jessica and the Navajo Code

One of the key reasons the Americans were so dominant over the Japanese in the Pacific Theatre of World War II was the security of communications. While the Japanese could have broken American military cyphers, they still wouldn’t have understood the language. Blake Stillwell, May 2018

Because the Americans used Navajo.

The other six languages that could be used as code are Finnish, Chechen, Gaelic, Basque, Shabo and Welsh. Stillwell.


If we could change the accepted date Harkness got a Rubaiyat into Boxall’s hands (about 1945) and bring it forward to a date between December 1, 1948 and the finding of a Rubaiyat some months later, one that implicated her in the unsolved death of the Somerton Man, and if untrusting of a telephone’s privacy Harkness sent Boxall a message by post, a Rubaiyat say, with a simple, coded message that told him who sent it and what it is they wanted.


Then we can bring in the Navajos and read J Estyn in a different light.

Noting that Welsh had been proven to be secure for use in combat in both the Falklands War and in Bosnia. Stillwell.

Navajos in a U.S. Marine artillery regiment relaying orders over a field radio in their native tongue.

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