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Detectives, murder and persons of interest

A policeman mostly becomes a detective courtesy of his instincts to examine all aspects of serious crime. Footprints, bloodstains, scuff marks, tyre imprints, articles of clothing, cigarette butts, blood spatter, bullet casings, witness accounts and the body itself. This is the fertile field the detective grazes in, hoping to satisfy his hunger.

Murder for instance is the detective’s Holy Grail because solving one is the real reason he’s in the homicide job. And for some the harder it is to sort out a murder the better, providing they are given the time to concentrate on the one case. Professional integrity is involved, plus it’s always good to get one up in the squad room’s estimates.

Repetitive and ongoing case work is a test of a detective’s patience and investigative skill, and it beats knocking down the front doors of wife-beaters and disturbing girls working in illegal brothels.

Detectives don’t give up murder cases easily, but in this instance, after witnessing a woman turn into a red-hot person of interest in a stone whodunnit, they did.

That there’s the real mystery.

Never mind the matches.

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