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The case against Harkness

If …..

the police had rightfully determined that the man found dead in the morning was not the man seen alive in the same position the evening before,

and if

the police had also determined that the evidence had been contaminated, in that a box of Bryant and May matches had been added to the dead man’s possessions,


they may have suspected that his death was suspicious enough to warrant a statement from the only person of interest in the case.

Jessica Thomson nee Harkness.

A woman who lived near to where the body was found and who appeared to recognise him when shown a cast of his head and shoulders.

But they didn’t.


Was it incompetence or interference that kept her out of the interview room ?


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  1. Clive #

    I can only think it was a clear case of interference that saved her bacon. If the police had looked into Jessie’s background, they would have opened a can of worms. So, the ‘powers that be’ decided it was too risky for that particular can to be opened, and, no doubt, a few discreet telephone calls made sure the investigation steered away from the female occupier of 90a Moseley St. You can only wonder what could have been the outcome, after Jessie had viewed the bust and Paul Lawson noted her reaction, if the police had immediately questioned her, at length, after the viewing?

    June 17, 2019
  2. peteb #

    The investigation was steered towards JH when Brown identified the phone number on the back of the Rubaiyat as being hers. Any steering away happened after she was found, interviewed and shown the bust.
    At that point somebody may have stepped in …

    June 17, 2019
  3. Clive #

    In a sense, you could speculate that viewing the bust, was a set-up just to test Jessie’s reaction?

    June 17, 2019
    • You’ve got four men in the room observing JH very closely as she registered a positive in the reaction test … then nothing.
      No statement, no search of 90a Moseley St. No further police involvement.

      Just when the case got red-hot it was what? Transferred?

      June 17, 2019
  4. thedude747 #

    The bigger question is what kept Proper Mctaggart Thomson out of the interview room??.

    It was HIS phone number. He used it to run his small time busness deals attracting many a random to scribble down his number in the back of a book whist on the morning commute.

    Pros saved poor old out of wedlock Jess , saved her from topping herself and a life with her disaproving family in Mentone. Putting the phone in her name for Mr dodgy and when the time came led the cops on a wild goose chase to Sydney. “please dont involve my huband officers” said the “very acceptible” Jess.

    July 11, 2019
  5. Timing, dude. There was a finite time between Jessica opening the door to Detective Canny and the case being taken out of police hands. They would have got to Prosper if they had the time.

    July 11, 2019

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