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the Littlemore Boxall interview – was it a wasted exercise?

That’s Stuart Littlemore QC a step behind the Honourable Member of NSW State Parliament, Eddie Obeid.

Obeid is on his way to lunch at the Sheraton On The Park after yet another unsuccessful appearance Sydney’s Criminal Court and his highly qualified legal representative, Stuart Littlemore, is pictured giving a petite lady journalist an unhelpful shove in the back that left her sprawling face-down on the footpath. Only he seems to be enjoying the outing.

The irony is that it should have been Obeid shoving Littlemore out of the way, seeing what little good the noted QC did for him when he was in the dock.


Littlemore interviewed Alf Boxall some years ago.  It’s on youtube and watching it is a dreary exercise.

Littlemore asked Alf about seven questions and they went something like this:

When did you first learn of a body being found on an Adelaide beach?

What happened when the police interviewed you?

When did you meet Jestyn?


The inscription on the Rubaiyat pause  .. were you and her having an um .. relationship, of sorts  ..  ??

Then the killer question. One you would expect from a dashing young lawyer with a bright future on television chat shows and in the nation’s courtrooms – Did she know you were involved in Intelligence?

The first time I sat through this unedifying spectacle was late one night in a Kowloon hotel room. I’d spent half the day trying to convince a Chinese partner he should pay the Americans shorter than 180 days and the other half looking for a downtown liquor shop that sold pints of Myers Jamaican Punch. I got lucky there and by the time I’d sat through the whole 29:23 minutes of Littlemore’s interviews the bottle was empty.

Despair does that to a fellow sometimes, drives him to emotional extremes, has him drinking way too much then wandering up and down Nathan Road at 3 am, fully shot, looking for the little man with pigtails who sold the best Nepalese in town. No luck that night.

And even now, after all these years, I still gnash my ever-crumbling teeth when I think of the one question Littlemore didn’t think to ask that sly old fox.





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  1. And you John Sanders, Dusty, avachat, Paria Heep, Frusconi … what a bunch of revolving personality disorders you are, what a roomful of shouting voices .. Give it a rest, son, Pelling doesn’t deserve the punishment.
    Skinny it up, whatever you have. Done with your bullshit.

    March 13, 2019
    • I did toy with with the idea of labelling them all as [john sanders], it does all seem more than a little pointless to me.

      March 13, 2019
      • Toys are for boys … count the number of us who are trying to make sense of what we have .. and what we have been denied.

        March 13, 2019
  2. Ellen #

    What bothers me about Boxall’s interview is the shifting account of when he gave his wife the Rubaiyat and the staged way he strolls over and produces the so-called book. We don’t even know if that is the same book that Jestyn gave him. Jestyn isn’t going to deny it. He already threw her under the bus once.

    March 19, 2019
  3. Of course it was staged. Littlemore didn’t just show up out of the blue, he probably sent Boxall a preamble before arriving with his camera crew. This is how it works. The only thing Alf didn’t have going for himself was five minutes with the make-up girl …. Littlemore the lad for powder and hair stiffener there.

    March 20, 2019
  4. Clive #

    So, it’s a good bet that Littlemore sent Boxall a list of questions pre-interview and, Boxall selected which questions he would reply to, oh, to have been a fly on the wall that day!

    March 20, 2019

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