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Coroner Cleland – how did he pass muster?

Some things a man cannot ignore about this case, given the investigative shambles illustrated in the preceding post. Who needs to imagine an upper level South Australian espionage conspiracy when the men in charge of the investigation conspired to talk down the case – get rid of it – put it in the out basket.

Coroner Cleland reminds me of a NSW magistrate, Murray Farquhar. MurrayF looked the part of a wise man and was treated as such until the boys in blue came looking for him – problem being that his friendship with George Freeman soured more than a few reputations back in the day. So much for that particular big man.

So how does the following make sense?

Taken from the inquest papers.

Page 5 of 102.

Remarks Of The City Coroner at Adjournment of Inquest.

“The only articles in the clothing were some cigarettes AND MATCHES … etc ”

You have to ask yourself, you who have faithfully followed this case through the years, where did Cleland get THAT information from?

PC Moss did not find any matches on the body and what makes his remarks worse is that he had Moss’s Deposition in front of him yet didn’t question this evidential discrepancy. This was judicial madness.

Is anyone listening?

Do you want more, and from the same bloke?

Page 9 of 102.

“I have been discussing the circumstances on the footing that the body found on the

morning of 1st December was that of the man seen in the evening of the 30th November.”

If this bloke was still around I’d tap him on the shoulder and ask him to read Gordon Strapp’s Deposition again, the one he had sitting on the Coronial desk while he penned his Coronial┬áremark: the sworn Deposition that had the man in the evening wearing different trousers to the man found dead in the morning.

And not a whisper from Detectives Brown or Leane, Adelaide’s finest. Not a word from anyone but me for seventy years come to think of it, and I’m just Nicholas Nobody living in the Byron Hill country.

It’s enough to drive a man to drink.

Farquhar pic courtesy of Fairfax Press

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  1. Clive #

    Seems that Coroner Cleland wanted this inquest off his back asap and, I’m sure with not a murmur of dissent from the SA police and, with friends in ‘high places’, he got his way. After all it was only a John Doe dead on a beach, no name, i.d. etc next case please…

    March 12, 2019
  2. What a bunch of country bumpkins we were, Clive, they must have thought those conniving Communist infiltrators. What a bunch of white monkeys these Australians, blessed with enough desert for the Americans to test their bombs while sacrificing the health of the volunteers who were convinced to stand and watch the atomic explosions.
    What a wretched page of our history that was, but no worse than the suffering and massacres we instilled on the men,women and children who settled this land thousands of years before Cook planted his Godforsaken Union Jack.

    March 13, 2019
  3. gordon1552 #

    Read a few books on the subject of the original inhabitants and their treatment, those that inflicted that death, much pain and deprivation on those peoples had to have had some form of mental affliction. A trait of the aristocracy I think. They did similar things in most of the countries they ‘settled’ including of course Ireland and Scotland. Interestingly Wales was never ‘conquered’as such.

    It would be good to have hands on the list of members of The Adelaide Club for the time and not without interest for the present list either.

    March 14, 2019
  4. Clive #

    Interesting note on The Adelaide Club: “For many years a perception has persisted that the Adelaide Club is not only the upholder of Victorian values and traditions, but that it is also the real source of power in the state. The former allegation is frivolous, the latter is untrue”-Dirk Van Dissel

    What I’ve read of so called Victorian values and traditions isn’t something that makes me proud, rather the opposite, in fact quite angry how people were used and abused-Clive

    March 15, 2019

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