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Ina Harvey – an opportunist?

Gerry Feltus thinks so, pure bullshit he reckons, made it all up for the newspapers twenty years after the event.

Maybe GF might not have been as dismissive of Ina Harvey’s account if it had been put forward by an IanĀ Harvey. If there was such a fellow, which there wasn’t .. Ina is all we have, and her recollections of a fellow who booked into her hotel for a couple of days without any luggage bar an empty violin case at about the time SM was found dead.

Weary looking chap he was, she remembered, not a lot to say … nice enough though and he spoke English without mangling it too much. Sounds like this bloke might have spent a fair bit of time in the hotel lobby. Not a drinker though, Ina remembered. So it sounds like this bloke might have spent a fair bit of time in the hotel lobby not drinking but waiting on something, you reckon?

And the empty violin case, did he keep it in the room or have it on his lap or on the seat beside him as he sat in the lobby day after day, waiting on something, this gent who doesn’t sound like he was an Englishman, Australian or American? … Maybe he was from Europe, they’re known for not quite mangling the King’s English. Lovely manners though, Ina remembered, and a small gift for her when he finally departed for parts unknown.

Now we know for certain the violin man wasn’t a Pom, Seppo or Australian … we don’t do that sort of thing except for Mum on Mother’s Day.

Then you have to ask yourself – What’s with the empty violin case? Where was his kit? In another hotel room? So why would he spend all that time in the lobby of a hotel he wasn’t staying in?

Did GF ask himself these questions? Are you asking yourself these questions? Have you got this far?

Then, if you’re up to it, you have to ask yourself why SM, a solid smoker by the sound of it, nicotine stains up to his armpits, would switch to more expensive smokes but keep them in his old cheapjack pack?

This is 1948 … tobacco brands as plentiful then as weed varieties are today … though not everywhere I might add, just to keep things on the straight and narrow. Never failed a swab test in my life.


Two blokes, both dead within a fortnight of each other, one a suspected suicide, the other a certainty for it, one a possible foreigner the other a completely unknown quantity. Both with weird enough habits to have them stand out in a crowd.

Almost stand out in a crowd but not quite. Maybe just stand out to each other.

This is what I’m getting at.

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  1. Clive #

    Ironic thing about Ina Harvey was that she was the sister of the undertaker, Lawrie Elliott, so why didn’t she actually look at the body instead of a photo?

    March 14, 2019

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