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18 Questions ..

(1) How did SM light his cigarette without the means?

(2) Was the box of Bryant and May matches planted amongst his possessions?

(3) Was the TS slip on the body when it was first searched?

(4) Was the Rubaiyat produced after the inquest deliberately?

(5) To what end?

(6) Did Professor Cleland have a faulty memory?

(7) Was the Rubaiyat code overwritten in order to show something?

(8) Or was the Rubaiyat code overwritten in order to hide something?

(9) By who?

(10) Is the story about finding the Rubaiyat believable?

(11) Is the story about finding the TS slip believable?

(12) Was Coroner Cleland incompetent?

(13) Was DS Leane complicit in an arrangement to deceive?

(14) To what end?

(15) Would the inquest have had a different outcome if it was held after the Rubaiyat was handed in?

(16) How?

(17) Who was Jessica Harkness?


(18) Who do we believe?

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  1. Clive #

    Is it beyond the realms of possibility that the SM was the father of Jessie? If he was born say, 1897, Jessie was born, supposedly in 1921…..

    March 3, 2019
    • No Clive, it isn’t. And it’s a remarkable change of focus. Perhaps her visit to the UK had more merit than just being a touring holiday. Cop a pat on the back.
      … and, come to think of it, perhaps the dearth of any personal records in Aus pertaining to Jessica is because they are held in the Old Dart.

      March 3, 2019
  2. Clive #

    Well, if she was born in the UK, that would go a long way to explaining why no birth certificate has surfaced. And, if the SM was a visitor/immigrant from the UK, that could, possibly, explain why no one in Australia has identified him, especially if he only arrived in Australia weeks before his demise. That leaves the question-why did he end up dead on the local beach? Suicide because Jessie disowned him for whatever reason?

    March 3, 2019
    • A family saga ? Looks like he might have biffed someone before being signed out .. blood on the knuckles is a bit of a give-away.

      March 3, 2019
  3. Clive #

    Perhaps he knocked on the door at 90A Moseley St, Jessie didn’t want to anything to do with him, Prosper was at home, SM ‘pushed his luck’ and a scuffle broke out. Sunburnt legs, could that possibly mean, that he had worked his way around Australia looking for Jessie? You don’t get sunburnt legs in the UK, that’s for sure!

    March 5, 2019
  4. Comic book plot, Clive, to be avoided. Given what we know, everything we know must be included to make a scenario believable.
    Jessica became pregnant in October 1946. Boxall was on home leave from the north in the same month.
    Start there ….

    March 5, 2019
  5. Clive #

    Well, perhaps Boxall,, when he first met Jessie, had been taken aback that such a young woman had, seemingly, taken a shine to him. That, to a straitlaced Boxall, was both embarrassing and, at the same time something he couldn’t forget. He may have been married, but he still had fond memories of Jessie and, when he had leave, he just had to find her…

    March 5, 2019
  6. Why?

    March 5, 2019
  7. Clive #

    Possibly, Boxall sensed or knew that Jessie wasn’t just a shy, modest young nurse, but something else. So, on his leave he catches up with her, They enjoy their time together and Boxall returns to service, unaware she is carrying his child. (If Boxall knew the situation I can’t imagine him running away from that situation, too much of a gentleman). Then again, was it Boxall who wrote to her mother’s address in Melbourne, a year or so later? If not Boxall, then who else knew her mother’s address?

    March 6, 2019

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