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Removing Any Doubts Doesn’t


Professor Sir Stanton Hicks – ” …. If it (the poison) had not been self-administered, and the body brought there (Somerton Beach), that would remove any doubts as to the time at which death took place, as well as any other difficulties.”


Based on evidence we know the following to be true.

The live body deposited himself at the bottom of the Bickford steps, unseen, between 7:00 and 7:30 on the evening of November 30th. He remained there for about half an hour and was seen by several witnesses, he then departed, once again unseen, and not long after the street lights were turned on. 

The dead body was seen being carried by a well-dressed man along the foreshore towards the Bickford steps at about 10:30 on the same evening.

At this stage I would have liked to have called Sir Stanton to advise him that the above does not ‘remove any doubts and other difficulties,’ but in fact raises more. Lots more.


Why would a body be disposed of in such a public place, and within the light of a street lamp?

Was the body seen alive in the evening an event staged by those responsible for the other man’s death?


Was there a reason the body was disposed of within shouting distance of the home of a woman who knew him?

Where was she on the night of 30 November?

Would that have been a reasonable question for the police to ask her?

Why place a partly smoked cigarette on the dead man’s collar when he didn’t have the means to light it? A mistake?

Were the persons responsible for his death also responsible for rifling his suitcase and clothing and removing anything that identified him?

Why then did they they leave a train and a bus ticket in his pocket?

Who hid the TS slip on his body?

Was it the same person(s) who had possession of the RoK?

Do we believe any of the conflicting claims that the RoK was thrown into a random car?

Was it found intact in his suitcase by those responsible for his death?

.. or, was it found intact on the body by those responsible for his death?

Were they the ones who lodged his suitcase at the luggage office?

… and kept the luggage ticket?

Where did they keep him?

Was the person(s) responsible for his death in full knowledge of his purposes in visiting Adelaide?

Were they waiting for him?

Did he fight back?

Did they hide the TS slip on his body, knowing it would be found and the words Tamam Shud interpreted?

Was it their purpose to use the publicity that was sure to accompany the finding of the slip and the interpretation of the words as a message?

To who?

Does that manner of covert action preclude any of the intelligence agencies from an involvement?

Answer all those questions and you’ll have a bestseller



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