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Let’s all be friends …..

Apologies for boring you Nick Pelling (Cipher Mysteries), but all I’m doing is following your example with the VM where you and your colleagues take a great deal of time and discussion to come to a point of agreement about the smallest detail in the manuscript: a glyph, a hanging gallows, a page number, a rosette, a swallow tail, a this or that, a nymph menstruating into a bucket ….. You all spend years poring over this stuff – thousands of hours – then you collectively write hundreds of thousands of words in the search for some clarity.

This is commendable work, a grand chase, though not so noble given the distressingly altered state of some of the nymphs. Nevertheless, a work worthy of your undoubted intellect and no doubt the reason for your stellar reputation as a researcher. Hats off .

But, you see, I’m doing the same thing with your Somerton Man manuscript. Examining everything you write in fine detail. 

For instance:

We were discussing the fact that the body seen alive in the evening was wearing different trousers to the body found dead in the morning. Rather a banal point of discussion I admit, nevertheless our unfruitful exchanges demonstrate what the honest toiler is up against when he ventures into foreign territory with an unpopular fact.

May I quote part of your response again?

12 November 2018.

“If that’s correct (Strapp’s sighting of the man’s striped trousers) – and it’s only a single witness, after all ….. “

I read it as – IF that’s correct – and it’s ONLY a SINGLE witness, AFTER ALL ….

… and realised you are intuitively negative, even when it comes to sworn statements and eye-witness accounts. 

That this blind-eye attitude could come from such a noted researcher such as yourself confounds me.

That’s it. Now you have a good day, won’t you.


Cheers for now ..