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The Somerton Man Mystery – 70 years on

There has always been conjecture as to whether the man seen alive on the evening of the 30th of November 1948 was the same man as the one found dead in the same place on the following morning.

No more.

Read on:

somerton man.jpg

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  1. Clive #

    Well, it will be interesting to see what response(s) you receive, no doubt it will put a few noses out of joint!

    November 18, 2018
    • copy it: paste it: email it ………. and change the debate.

      November 18, 2018
  2. Byron Deveson #

    Great idea Pete! Who knows what might come out of the wood work. I am hoping that the relatives of the un-named “Cheltenham woman” who identified SM as Charles Mikkelsen. will surface with more info. I think this woman was a relative of the people who traveled across from Kangaroo Island on more than one occasion to view SM’s body. They obviously thought it was Charles. Their children might still be around and might have more information.
    Great work Pete.

    November 18, 2018

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