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How Gordon Strapps upset the applecart.

Sixty-nine years ago, Gordon Strapps swore in his statement to the inquest that the man he was watching on the evening of the 30th of November 1948 was wearing brown striped trousers.

I can quote Alf Boxall in that this statement by Strapps has upset the applecart everybody has been riding in for nearly seventy years.

And here we are, tipped out onto the ground, everybody who has put themselves up for comment without doing the necessary research.

So, a list.

Derek Abbott. Gerry Feltus. John Ruffles. Paul Lawson. Len Brown. Coroner Cleland. Every South Australian copper who had a hand in the investigation before and after the inquest. Every newspaper, TV station and radio station that has run a feature on the case. All the interviewers. The UoA students who assisted Abbott in his determinations. Wikipedia.

All the blogs and all those who ran or contributed to them.

Peter Bowes. Nick Pelling. Gordon Cramer. Reddit. Clive. Byron Deveson. Misca. Ellen. Lewiansto. Milongal. Thomas. Bumpkin. John Sanders. The dude47. Francis. Astonishing Legends. Dark Histories. The Unredacted. The Smithsonian. Now I Know. …. the list is almost endless. Give me some more and I’ll add them on.

None of us managed to read and understand the importance of one sentence in Strapps’ Deposition until October 14th this year.

“I shd (should) say he had brown striped trousers on.”


There were no stripes on the trousers of the body found on the morning of December 1 1948

Then Strapps endorsed this comment with another when he said he thought the striped trousers belonged to a suit, although he couldn’t see the coat.

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  1. Clive #

    And the day before this post, Gordon Strapps passed away, leaving us another piece of the puzzle.

    March 11, 2019
    • Good man, Strapp’s, called it as he found it.

      March 11, 2019

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