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Confirmation that the body seen in the evening wasn’t the body found in the morning

No sense in wasting a lot of words  ….

– as per Gordon Kenneth Strapps Deposition: page 1, line 20.

‘I shd (should) say he had on brown striped trousers.’

The light was good. The body only yards away. Strapps the young, keen-eyed motorcycle rider.

Striped trousers .. ?

Everyone has got to be red-faced about this.

The body (found in the morning) was wearing fawn / brown coloured trousers

The body (found in the morning) was dressed in fawn / brown coloured trousers


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  1. Byron Deveson #

    I understand that Gordon Strapps turned up at the film night. If this is correct then he should be available for comment.

    October 16, 2018
    • Nobody answers their phone in SA, but I’m on it again tomorrow.

      October 16, 2018
  2. Clive #

    Per DA’s site the trousers in the suitcase “were light brown trousers with sand in the cuffs”.

    October 16, 2018
  3. Ellen #

    Nothing says spy like torn out labels and cigs without matches.

    October 17, 2018

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