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The order of events ..


He was in the train station at 10:50 am, suitcase in hand and buying a train ticket to Henley Beach.

He had a coded copy of the Rubaiyat with him, the Tamam Shud slip torn out and tucked deep into his fob pocket.

Henley Beach is about 8 kms from where he was found dead the next morning.

He didn’t go.

He checked his suitcase into the baggage office, unlocked, about fifteen minutes later.

He left the station and caught a bus to Glenelg.

Glenelg centre is about 2 kms from where he was found dead.


He tossed the Rubaiyat into the back of Freeman’s car.

He ate a pasty in the evening, about 3 hours before he died.

He struck something / someone and cut his right knuckle.

He was carried, dead, to the bottom of the steps opposite Bickford Terrace about 10:30 that evening.

Bickford Terrace is about 750 metres from the home of a woman who knew him.

Her phone number was written on the back of the book he left in the car.

When the police interviewed her they asked many questions.

When asked if she knew him, she said no.


we try to put it together in the next post


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  1. ‘You may be right, the story underneath all this may turn out to be spycraft and Soviet meddling …’
    Lifted from Cipher Mysteries, written by Nick Pelling. Game over.

    October 13, 2018
    • You may indeed be right. But only Elvis has the proof, and he ain’t flying down from his Vegas-themed moon base any time soon.

      October 16, 2018

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