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66 Proof that the Rubaiyat code contains telephone numbers.



Misca – back in July

Chemist Gordon Parham was married to Nellie Keane. Their whole crew were related to the Doolette’s/Wytkin’s. One big CLUSTER. Check out Pardey. He married Gordon’s daughter. “Apprentice Engineer” at the Municipal Tramways Trust when the war began. He went to the observer school in Mallala and a gunnery school in Port Pirie before he was stationed at Lake Boga.

We admire what Misca calls CLUSTERS, but prefer to call them a scattered collection of seemingly relevant but unconnected indicators.

Here’s one of mine.

Detective Brown. Tiny writing. Telephone numbers. Jessica Thompson. Gerry Feltus. The letter Q. Derek Abbott. Gordon Cramer. Steganography. The ROK code.

The University of Adelaide Wiki has in it (see comment by GC) a statement by Detective Brown saying the telephone number(s) were written in ‘tiny writing’ under the code on the back of the ROK.

GordonC for this information.


At one stage I was fortunate enough to receive old scraps of paper, some of which had a few old telephone numbers written on them …. I set myself the laborious task of checking the numbers I had against those in the directory (of the period) ..

.. and I eventually located a number that was significant. The number allowed me to obtain a name that eventually led to sufficient details for me to identify the nurse.

GF 178/179.

It appears GF followed the same path as the initial investigation and in doing came up with the same result – nurse Jessica Thompson owned the significant number. A name she later corrected to Thomson.

She was neither.


Old scraps of paper, some of of which had a few telephone numbers written on them. The ROK was said to have a few telephone numbers written on the back, numbers Brown said were in tiny writing under the code.

You have to ask yourself – Is this what they were looking at?

We owe Gordon Cramer many thanks. He owns the Q and all that is contained within it, or as Len Brown said – under it.


  1. the practice of concealing messages or information within other non-secret text or data.

It was always there, hidden in plain sight. Follow the story here:

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  1. Here’s the wiki article as per our emails, the exact wording for Len’s comment as you will read was: ‘The phone number was in very tiny lettering. Len stated that the phone number was written under the code.’ The words ‘under the code’ are quite interesting.

    September 17, 2018
    • Bingo!
      and good for you, Johnno
      … hoping for a bullseye with a handful of confetti

      September 17, 2018
  2. Here’s a ripe thought …… if GC is able to find the other numbers, wherever they lead us can only be relevant to the case. All a bloke needs to see who owns them is a copy of every state’s 1948 telephone directory. If I was GC I would be keeping mum and hoping The Dome doesn’t follow too closely the methods showed him.

    September 19, 2018
  3. Thanks Pete, I think Mr.P in an invidious position. he has an option to apologise and we can all get on with the job but whether he has the fibre needed is another question.

    September 20, 2018

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