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63 The finding of the TS slip

In his evidence to the Coronial Inquest Professor Cleland stated that:

In examining the clothes, (trousers worn by the deceased)* in a fob pocket which was rather difficult to find, just on the right of the fly, I found a piece of paper …

.. then

Detective Leane in a statement mentioned that ‘On the 19th. April, 1949 Professor Cleland informed me that he had found a small piece of paper in the Fob Pocket of the deceased’s trousers produced, bearing the words Tamam Shud.

.. then

Detective Brown’s evidence to the inquest observed, in part, ‘I saw the slip of paper ‘Tamam Shud’ I received it from Detective Leane with instructions to make enquiries about it. It was found in the fob pocket of the trousers on the body by Professor Cleland.

*The words in parenthesis are not part of the evidence


Pick one of the three

The Tamam Shud slip was found ...

“in examining the clothes in a fob pocket”

“in the deceased’s trousers”

“in the trousers on the body”

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