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59 This is what we wait for ..

GordonC rang today, he was just back from the gym and twenty fifty laps in the pool. Chesty guy is GC and built like Arnold Schwarzenegger, swims like Jon Konrads. We talked a while, bouncing stuff around, seeing what might stick.


GC found a second-hand car dealer in Melbourne linked to Tibor Kaldor.

Add to this the second-hand car dealer in Adelaide linked to SM.

That’s a pair.

Add to this the code linked to Tibor.

Add to this the code linked to SM.

Now we have two pairs.

Add to this the link between Jessica and SM in Adelaide.

Leaving us with the possibility of being dealt a link between Jessica and Tibor in Melbourne

This would be the Royal Flush.


And, whether it makes everything clearer or complicates things further –

Both mens’ initials were TK

Both men died in unnatural circumstances and within a fortnight of each other.

Both men died in Adelaide.

Both were about the same age, both well-built.

Both were strangers in town.

And, confoundingly

Their suitcases were in the same lock-up at the same time.

Their bodies were in the same morgue at the same time.



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