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56 Twenty six answers, updated 31 Aug.

(1) Why did Detective Sergeant Leane take it upon himself to personally investigate almost every aspect of the case despite having assigned a team of investigative officers to assist him?

He was following instructions.

(2) Why wasn’t a  picture of the Francis Rubaiyat released?

The police never had it in their possession to photograph.

(3) Why wasn’t a picture of the torn page released?

As above and see below.

(4) Why wasn’t a picture of the pencilled code released?


(5) Why wasn’t a picture of the ultra-violet enhanced code released?


(6) Why wasn’t a picture of the telephone number on the back cover released?

It wasn’t there.

(7) Why wasn’t a picture of the name on the back cover released?

As above.

(8) Did the police overwrite the code to make it more legible?


(9) Was the apparent acrostic* code an example of steganography?**


(10) Why weren’t the items in the suitcase fingerprinted?

Because there was no instruction from Leane to do so.

(11) Why wasn’t the Francis Rubaiyat fingerprinted?

As above.

(12) Why was SM’s fingerprint card incomplete?

As above.

(13) Why were Cleland and Cowan asked to identify SM through his clothing sizes and not his fingerprints?

So they would find the Tamam Shud slip.

(14) Who added a handkerchief, a pair of Jockey underpants, a singlet, a box of Bryant and May matches and the Tamam Shud slip to SM’s possessions?

DS Leane.

(15) Why did Detective Sergeant Leane swear at the inquest that the Tamam Shud slip and a box of matches were found on the body?

He was was instructed to do so.

(16) Did PC Moss miss the items as noted in 14 when he searched SM’s clothing at the City Morgue?


(17) Was the evidence tampered with? (see 14)


(18) Where did he die?

Not known.

(19) How did he die?


(20) Who carried him to the steps and placed a partly smoked cigarette under his chin?

The poisoner.

(21) What were the tools used for?

Not known.

(22) Was he a ballet dancer?


(23) Was Robin Thomson his son?

Not known.

(24) Was the investigation mis-handled?



(25) Was the investigation compromised?


.. and if so

(26) By whom?

DS Leane operating under the the delegated instructions of the Allied Intelligence agency responsible for the murder.

*a poem, word puzzle, or other composition in which certain letters in each line form a word or words.

** the practice of concealing messages or information within other non-secret text




Copy produced in media depicting actual copy of Rubaiyat (GF 169)


torn page

Copy of torn page produced in media

One doesn’t fit the other …. and who trims evidence?

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