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52 The Allied Intelligence Officer

The engineer was recruited by an Allied Intelligence officer and instructed to pass false information to an intermediary.

The intermediary was recruited by an Allied Intelligence Officer to act as a communist party sympathiser and gain their trust.

The engineer’s information was passed to the intermediary.

The  intermediary passed the engineer’s messages to a communist agent.

The communist agent was lured to Adelaide in November 1948 by the Allied Intelligence officer. He made his way to the suburb where the intermediary lived and was murdered.

The police investigation was compromised at the direction of the Allied Intelligence agency.


The body seen being carried along the foreshore was slung over the shoulder of an Allied Intelligence officer.

He placed the body by the steps and lodged a partly smoked cigarette under its chin.

When the body was discovered and searched by the police the following morning no matches were found in its possessions.

The Allied Intelligence agency, realising the problem this raised then placed, or had placed a quarter-full box of Bryant and May matches with the evidence.

They then convinced DS Leane to swear by deposition that the matches were with the body when it was being searched.

This contradiction was accepted by Coroner Cleland without question.


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