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48 Home Free


We know the engineer was in touch with the intermediary when she was living in Melbourne with her parents. A letter.

We suspect that he would have (1) given her his home number and (2) asked that she let him know her home number when settled in Adelaide.

Then she rang him.

Probably the same day the agent’s body was discovered two hundred yards away from her home.

The engineer and the intermediary devised a fallback plan, knowing the intermediary would be interviewed by the police if they could establish a connection between her and the agent.

The engineer bought and inscribed a copy of the Rubaiyat.

The intermediary, when finally interviewed by the police and informed her name and phone number were found on the back of a Rubaiyat thought to belong to the agent, said she had given a similar Rubaiyat to the engineer over three years ago.

The police suspected the engineer was the man found dead.

When found alive in Sydney and interviewed by the police, the engineer confirmed the intermediary’s story. He even took them to his home and showed them the copy.

… and that was that.

All she had to do was not answer any further questions and stay on her feet when the police showed her the plaster cast of the agent’s head and shoulders.

The agent


The engineer


The intermediary and the agent’s son.

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  1. Clive #

    And if the Rubaiyat had never been found, Jessie would never have been connected to the body on the beach. Pity the police didn’t check 90a Moseley Street’s phone records in July 1949, they might have been quite revealing. We don’t know what questions the police asked Jessie, but she sure had a guardian angel on her side, a body found near her house and her telephone number found in a book, and no further police interest, as far as we are aware.

    July 22, 2018
    • My money is on the book being in the suitcase ….

      July 22, 2018

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