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43 The exoneration of PC Moss

” It was later established that the following additional items were with the stranger: A handkerchief. A pair of underpants (jockey type). A singlet. A box of Bryant and May matches (quarter full).” 

Source: The Unknown Man, bold is writer’s contribution.


PC Moss didn’t miss these four items in his initial search, he couldn’t, they were seductively added to his count at a later date. It follows that these foreign items were placed with body 1’s clothing at a later stage of the investigation, and seeing they didn’t match with body 1’s original listed inventory they were unspokenly assigned as four oversights on the initial search and the wordless blame for such incompetence laid at the feet of the lowest ranked constable.

.. this post suspects that evidential items may have been mislaid, mis-filed, misplaced or inadvertently substituted as coronial evidence.

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